Who Are We Anyway?

This is us!

Bailey, 17. Currently studying Video Games        
Design at College after 8 years of being
home educated. Likes Xbox, Halo, eating,
3D modelling, Marvel Films!

Piper, 14. Loves fashion, mainly Japanese Lolita as well as Fairy Kei,
loves Hello Kitty and all things cute. Chocoholic and is glued to her phone
24/7 but occasionally looks up and notices the rest of us!


Cordelia, 13. Loves all things Black Veil Brides, CreepyPasta, Horses & Art. 
Spends all day everyday drawing with either her pencil or Bamboo tablet.
Usually connected to her phone listening to music..


Ruben, 11. Loves Minecraft, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Videogames and food!
Eats breakfast at 7am every morning, used to be a human bouncy ball,
but is starting to develop sloth-like tendencies since he's nearing the teenage years!

Me! Mama to the four pesky hobbits, lover of tea, procrastinator, 
likes to be warm at all times. jumper obsessed. Can usually be found
under fleece blankets looking at holidays...


Hubby! Father to the four pesky hobbits, drinker of coffee, total geek, can be found listing on Ebay 
or making himself/kids cosplay costumes, usually whilst watching Sci-Fi films
and drinking coffee, he's a pretty good multi-tasker..

Welcome to our blog!