Monday, 10 October 2016

Sheffield Steelers/ weekend!

We had a busy weekend mainly running errands on Saturday with Cordelia in tow. She loves to have us all to herself! It was nothing exciting though just presents for a couple of friends, birthday cards, bits for the house and a milkshake stop for hubby and Cordy. We had a look at new pcs for Cordelia for Christmas, she doesn't want a laptop like Piper.

Saturday night we sat and watched Fifth Element with Piper, Ruben spent most (read all) of the day on Overwatch. He skyped with Sid so was very happy. 

Piper enjoyed the film and thought it was quite funny!

Sunday morning hubby and I got up and walked Loki through the farmers fields, it was a nice start to the day. Then we headed off to Eve's for lunch, dropping Piper and Cordelia off in town for a bit first. Ruben was incredibly well behaved given that Jas is quite a hand full and likes everything her own way. We played Ticket to Ride finally, which was fun but again hard work with Jasmin as she is quite shouty and cheats all the time!

We left in time to go to see the Sheffield Steelers game. Lauren had got us cheap seats at half price but they were actually really good seats!! Ruben and I have never been to a game and hubby hasn't been for over 20 years but we all thought it was fantastic! Its really American like and since we love NFL so much its perfect for us!!

Ruben and I liked watching the man re ice the rink in his gangsta style ride...

Ruben, the fizzy pop golem, with a cup nearly as big as himself...

Lauren and Olivia looking very glamorous and grown up!

The game in play. It was really exciting, our favourite bits were watching players be sent to the "Sin Bin" with "lonely, all on my own" playing as they did. And watching the referee do all the different hand gestures for "hooking" or other fouls. We also liked the "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh its behind you" song they played when Sheffield scored. 

Half time cheerleaders show!

Was a very fun afternoon. Back home to the girls and Bailey who had cooked tea for themselves and were all off doing there own things. Cordelia and Piper had managed to get home by themselves on the tram and walk up the hill, they'd had a great time. They'd been in lush and Piper had bought a face mask that looks and smells like chocolate, its left her skin looking and feeling so soft. Cordelia bought me this lovely bath bar, which is just like dorothy's slipper in the wizard of oz. Even though I hate the bath in this house-I will have to use it because its so cool!

Not much fun being woke at 11.45pm to Cordelia being sick-mainly chocolate by the looks of it so not sure if its a bug or she ate too much chocolate, she's always been a sneaky eater (if future Cordy is reading this; yes you have! Always hiding biscuits and crackers in boxes and even under your pillows!)

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