Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lyme Park

Another week, another National Trust property! This time a visit back to Lyme Park in the Peak District. We had a lovely visit here last night and I've been meaning to bring hubby back with us and this time we brought Loki for a run around too. I think our visit here was pre blog so I don't hve any photo's from our last visit.

Today was dry and very blustery especially when we got to the top of the hill where the hunting tower or Cage as its called stands. Fantastic views in all directions from here, right over to Manchester.

Trees just beginning to change, Cordelia brought her camera but forgot to put the battery back in after charging it so I jsut had to use my phone for pictures.

Loki always loves coming out with all of us, having a rest at the top of the hill.

The Peak District is such a beautiful backdrop

We were trying to work out the four different sundials but none of them seemed to show the right time unfortunately!

We walked back down towards Lyme house and waited for hubby to take Loki back to the car-no dogs allowed. It's very impressive facade..

Its a very big house with so many impressive rooms, our favourite was the library. We love this window seat, perfect for snuggling and reading a book. They chatted about favourite books and were pleased to see the Harry Potter books!

The library is huge and the Legh family even own a 500 year old copy of one of the first books to be printed in two colours in Paris. Its a very impressive book and is lasting very well given its age!

We saw this in the butler's quarters and Hubby directed it towards Cordelia, her room was in quite a mess today and she is by far the messiest of all our children. I think that is why she is the artist in the family....

This was another of our favourite rooms, it was SO wonky, hard to see from this angle but the fireplace and frieze which was brought in from another room look like they are collapsing into the floor. Its also haunted in this room! So we all found that very exciting. 

The kids thought this was like a much tinier version of Big Ben, its open in the hallway which was a strange feature but then clocks are quite a big display at Lyme House. There is a room full of carriage clocks all with beautifully engraved backs, which they displayed in front of huge mirrors so the backs could be viewed.

This room was nice but it was the bedspread that caught my eye, it was such bright, beautiful colours that I presumed it must be a new addition. But no, it was actually made by a lady between 1725-1750 and has aged remarkably well!

We could see the lake from the rooms upstairs, one of the guides pointed it out to us as the lake Mr Darcy emerges out of in the film Pride & Prejudice. We watched that film a while back so that was quite exciting! The gardens are really beautiful and very manicured. The sun came out just at the right time for us to enjoy them too.

The facade at the back of the house, complete with statues of Zeus up on the roof!

There was even an Orangery

Centrepiece of the orangery was this lovely water feature.

I loved the symmetry of the house and gardens

A view of Zeus on the roof

The Italian gardens.

The children really enjoyed it here, we even spotted a painting of Queen Victoria-she seems everywhere to us at the moment! Definitely getting our monies worth out of our membership at the moment anyway!

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