Monday, 3 October 2016

Inktober/October Catch Up

Not sure how we made it into October already but here we are. I thought I would try and write more this month, I feel like I only write when we got out at the moment and feel like I will end up forgetting all the things we are doing in the house too!


Is getting into jewellery making at the moment, she ordered a load of bits and began making necklaces and bracelets which she is listing on her etsy shop. She is helping me with bits and pieces in the business and really wants to take on a more active role. She isn't currently planning on going to college in September as there isn't anything she can find that she thinks she will enjoy. Things could change between now and then but to be honest I'm more than happy with her decision, I'd rather her not do college just for the sake of it and as long as she is happy so are we. She has been working through her maths and English though and also reading a fair bit. She has been baking and cooking a lot more since she has become vegan and we are always discussing new changes to the vegan movement on a daily basis. We shot to our local Sainsbury's this week when we found out they were stocking new vegan cheeses! Piper likes the cheddar style and I like the one with cranberries, she loved being able to have a toastie again. She has been trying to make a removable collar this week on the sewing machine and although the material didn't work out she does now know how to make one for herself. She has decided to only buy second hand clothes as she's not happy with how clothes are produced and after lots of research decided that its very hard to buy clothes that are ethical. I'm really impressed with how seriously she thinks of the environment since becoming vegan.


Continues to draw on a daily/hourly basis! She made enough from her online etsy sales to buy herself a new art tablet which she is loving. She is taking part with Inktober currently, drawing something everyday throughout October-she has even inspired Bailey to join her!-. She is doing lots of cosplay, mainly at night and is counting down to Halloween like its Christmas. She keeps coming downstairs in an evening in super scary face make up without warning and making me jump! She did a creepy clown last night after we had a chat over dinner about the clowns in America that are just standing outside people's houses. We do have some crazy talks over dinner in this house! She is trying lots of new designs for her etsy shop and she also designs for us too, she does really well off her art already!


Is very excited about his upcoming birthday, he is getting a new PC for his birthday so is already counting down the days. Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out the week before his birthday so he has already saved enough for one of the games but decided today that he wants both games! He is so into Pokemon again at the moment, not that he ever really hasn't been. He is loving the Overwatch game at the moment and talks about it a lot. It won't play on his old laptop so he has to play it on our pc downstairs, which means at least I can keep a closer eye on him when he is online. He plays with a small group of friends but does have a few overseas friends currently too. He's also been drawing a bit too and him and Cordelia keep having drawing challenges. He's back into the wiiu again too, he seems to go from WiiU to DS to PC!!! We spent all day on Sunday sorting out his room, painting it, putting up new shelves and posters and I bought him the thickest, heaviest duvet I could find as he gets so cold like me. He struggles even more to get out of bed at the moment! Strange to have my boy who was always up at 6am everyday no matter what staying in bed until 9am everyday, definitely gearing up for being a teenager next month.

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