Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Portland Bill Lighthouse & Chesil Beach

Hubby and I were enjoying our morning cuppa whilst planning the day ahead and watching BBC Breakfast news, we had just decided to go to Chesil Beach and see the Portland Bill lighthouse when the BBC weather lady Carole did her weather report from the top of it! It helped us decide where we were going to go anyway!

I've long wanted to visit Chesil Beach, its part of the Jurassic Heritage coast and an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of only three major shingle structures in Britain. Its a very unique place, you can't swim or paddle in the water as its too dangerous, its shelves off quite steep. The sound the waves make hitting the shingle is so very therapeutic. Its hard to describe. I even filmed it so I can listen to it again! Its perfect for throwing stones in and contemplating life, so that is what we did...

For quite a long time actually...

This is the view towards Portland:

And this is the view in the opposite direction towards Weymouth:

We had lunch on a picnic bench before heading across to Portland. We headed up to the viewing point first which also happens to have the olympic rings from 2012! The sailing took place here and there is a huge sailing academy. The view from here was spectacular.

And also very windy!

Chesil Beach

Back in the car and we drove around the island to the lighthouse. I really love lighthouses and anything sea related/nautical and I loved the bold red stripes on this lighthouse. It reminded me of Souter Lighthouse in South Shields which I'd taken the children to see years ago.

It was very busy and is obviously a popular spot. We didn't stay very long, we headed into Weymouth as Cordelia wanted to try crab fishing. We were all feeling a bit tired to be honest, we always do so much on our holidays and with all the emotions before we left on holiday too we were a bit exhausted. Coming away has been a blessing in lots of ways though, we had time to grieve properly and the opportunity to talk over so many things with the children. Its been a hard time for all of us and I'm glad we had this time together to process everything. We did feel bad coming away so soon after the passing of Hubby's uncle but we kept in touch with everyone and did what we could. Family and the upcoming funeral were always on our minds though and the feeling of life being so precious and short.

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