Friday, 9 September 2016


The last stop on our way home from a lovely week in Dorset, we only briefly stopped in Oxford years ago and as it helped break up the journey home we thought we would give it another try. It's really a beautiful place, lots of intricate architecture and stunning buildings but wow is it busy!! I think it's actually the busiest place I've ever been too. Lots of tourists and obviously students. 

Can't take credit for any of these photo's as they were all hubby's photo's-I had a dead battery thanks to Pokemon Go!

We all like the heads on this fence!

Also a Pokestop...

Beautiful gardens, was much nicer wandering through here with a coffee, much quieter and we had such a great conversation about private schools after watching a school group doing rugby.

Only had chance to have a quick look around this museum and didn't get any photo's but it reminded me of Liberty's in London on the inside. Big oak staircase and lots of chandelier style lights, glass cabinets of curiosity too!

We had around 3 hours here and it was a lovely visit, bt more difficult having Loki with us as we couldn't really go inside anything and the museums looked so good, think we will have to go back again soon. As we were walking back to the car park, Loki was getting a lot of attention and even several photos from tourists, a guy asked if he could stroke him and ended up getting on the floor and fussing over him completely. He looked really fed up pre Loki fussing and it was like watching some kind of dog therapy! Loki lapped up the attention as the super friendly puppy he is and the guy walked off smiling!

I haven't posted nearly as many blog posts this year as usual, life with teenagers is not always easy to write about and I don't think we have a fascinating enough life (at least in my eyes!) to write about it everyday. But I love writing about the places we visit and sharing our photo's because I love looking back on it all, its a great reference for me and even though it might not always come across as the most home ed blog out there, our life and the things we do, in my opinion, add to the richness and diversity of our home educating journey. So much emphasise is based on exams and what children learn in a classroom but what about the things they see when they are out in the real world, the buildings, the people and experiences being out and about gives them? The conversations we have and the time we spend as a family are some of the most important memories and experiences that I think our children will ever have and give them such a strong foundation to move forward with. I feel incredibly lucky to live this life.

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  1. I LOVE Oxford- my spiritual home, have visited loads of times and still not explored half of it. Such a beautiful city but it's always busy with visitors ! xx