Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Newstead Abbey-The Home of Lord Byron

We are doing really well at getting out and enjoying the beauty of Autumn at the moment, as well as the usual PC time, gaming, reading, cosplay and art that everyone is up to on a daily basis I feel we have a good balance at the moment.

The girls have been out and about meeting up with friends which has been lovely, I do feel for Ruben as all his social interactions are online ones but he seems more than happy with it. It's just me that worries. Its funny as I think now more than any other in our home ed journey we hardly/never see any home ed friends. So many of our friends have gone back to school/college or have just disappeared of the radar and we are so busy with life at the moment I just don't have the energy to chase friends. We have had such a lot going on in our lives of late and as usual its been the six of us pulling together over everything. We are really fortunate in that actually we just enjoying being together and are always doing things that life is never boring or stale. Maybe I am getting old but I just can't be bothered with people that require so much from me when I feel that time is needed for my husband and my children. Being a good friend to others requires a lot of energy and it can often feel like a one way street, at times when things have been tough for us recently I've really seen who has been there for us and who hasn't. I've realised that the life we have chosen is not what everyone agrees with and so its easier for me to focus my energy on the five people who need it and also appreciate it. Everyone is happy as things are so we must be doing something right..

Whilst we were driving around picking a newer car we passed the beautiful Newstead Abbey in Mansfield. We visited here before, also in Autumn! You can see that post here 

As Piper and I are currently really enjoying ITV's Victoria with Jenna Coleman we were thrilled to make the connection with Lord Byron and Queen Victoria's close friend Mr Melbourne. Mr M's wife Lady Caroline Lamb had a very public affair with Lord Byron. We also read a bit more about Lord Byron's daughter Ada Lovelace, one of the first computer programmer's.

We had a lovey walk in the grounds and it all felt very Autumnal, its our favourite time of year.

Breaking the rules!!

We managed to do a bit of Pokemon Go hunting whilst in the gardens too!


Cordelia seems to find cat's at nearly all the property's we visit. Going to have to call her cat whisperer.

Piper and Cordelia hanging out in the gardens, love Piper's pose in this photo!

Ruben looking tall even amongst the trees..

Climbing trees!

The Japanese gardens are our favourite and tie in with a brilliant programme we have been watching on ITV with Joanna Lumely all about her journey through Japan. It's been fascinating programme. Love the colours in this photo. And obviously I'm quite fond of the children in it ;-)

Cordelia might be trying to ignore Ruben in this photo....possibly....

She has always been a poser for photo's!

Love these people more than anything in the world, I do miss Bailey coming with us but he is enjoying his first few weeks of university so much and that has been such a pleasure to watch. He's worked so hard to get there.

There was no one in the playground so we took advantage and had a little play on the swings. You can see Ruben as a blur!

He looks super imposed on to this photo!

And he is in this photo but you might not be able to make him out, he is all the way at the back laying on the steps!

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