Thursday, 8 September 2016

Lyme Regis Fossil hunting

Seems quite fitting that our last full day here should be spent in Lyme Regis since our first day was spent here too! We had beautiful blue skies and plans to crab fish, fossil hunt and look around the shops-hubby and the kids wanted to buy presents for my birthday tomorrow!

Cordelia loves fishing and is very good at catching all sorts including fish, crabs and on this occasion shrimp too. She sat for a good hour and caught quite a lot including a rather large crab. Meanwhile we sat and had lunch, Hubby and I had a wander on the wall you can see in the background-it's called the Cobb and is featured in one of my all time favourite books-The French Lieutenant's Woman.

Some of Cordelia's catch

She had help in the form of a furry ball of fluff aka Loki

I can think of much worse spots to be sat to be honest....

The view from the top of the very windy cobb, actually we just missed being soaked by a rather large wave!

The view of Lyme Regis from the end of the cobb.

We headed back into town and headed into the amusements for a bit, the kids love 2p slot machines and whilst they were doing that I managed to find this Zoltar machine from the film Big! I love that film so was really excited to have a go, I got a very interesting tarot card...

No big wins on the 2p slots so we headed right round to the famous fossil beach, the one where Mary Anning found many fossils including the Ichthyosaur displayed at the Natural History Museum in London. The weather was lovely and so everyone disappeared to investigate different areas. Cordelia likes collecting sea glass so she went off to do that..

Hubby and Ruben climbed a bit higher up and tried to look for fossils in the newly fallen rocks. I love how this light beam has hit the rocks right next to them. They didn't find much because we didn't have the right tools for cracking open the rocks so Ruben has made us promise to come back next summer with tools to have another go. I can't believe how excited he got about fossil hunting, its rare these days to get him to enjoy much except being online, he used to love dinosaurs and fossils when he was younger so its nice to see him back into it a little.

Piper and I were happy to sit and watch the sea to be honest and chat! We did see some cool fossils on the rocks before we left though and had a chat with an American lady who had come all the way from Colorado! She had been to see the house from Downton Abbey and had found several fossils on the beach.

We had a look around the shops and hubby bought me some sea inspired jewellery for my birthday, Piper bought some precious stones including rose quartz which is her favourite and Ruben bought himself a fossil since he couldn't find one on the beach!

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