Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Finally we got to see Durdle Door!

When we came to Dorset for a family holiday back in 2004 I was so excited to see Durdle Door, we pulled up in the car park with 4 under 5's and took one look at the super steep path down and decided against it. I was quite sad at the time but I think it would have given us serious panic attacks with four small children to walk down to it. Only 12 years later and we finally got to walk down to see it.

I didn't realise the other side of Durdle Door would be so beautiful, its called Man O' War:

You can just see the top of Durdle Door in the background!

The view from the top of the steps:

We walked down to the beach and Ruben decided to have a paddle in the sea

We tried to get lots of selfies with it in the background

Meanwhile Ruben decided to bury himself in the sand/pebbles

We tried lots of silly angle photos with hubby!

By the time we left the beach the sun was going down and so I managed to get a lovely shot of Durdle Door

And Man O' War Bay

The walk back up the hill was a bit of a killer to be honest and I'm glad we waited for the children to all be old enough to walk up themselves! Was a lovely end to a lovely day though and well worth the 12 year wait to see it.

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