Sunday, 25 September 2016


Back to reality after the holiday and we had the funeral for Hubby's uncle. It was a very hard and sad day for all of us and the first experience of a funeral for all our children. It's very hard as a parent to see your children so upset but I'm so proud of how they have dealt with everything. It's been such a tough month and I will be glad to get September over with to be honest.

We had another 4 day show at Birmingham NEC this time for EGX. It was our first show for them and we weren't sure what to expect but it was a very busy 4 days! Bailey, Ruben and Cordelia came along for the second day. Bailey came on a college trip here last year and so was very excited to come again. Ruben enjoyed it but said he preferred Insomnia, he got to play several new games on the Playstation including Horizon before the release date so that was quite exciting. He spent a lot of time in the retro gaming area in comparison to Bailey who went to several talks and even got to do some networking! He much preferred it to Insomnia.

Cordelia came in her Mettaton cosplay but ended up getting changed after an hour or so. It wasn't what she is used to at comic cons and so helped us behind the stall. It's great to be able to give the children an experience of work, so many skills learned and she really enjoyed herself. The gaming conventions are so different to comic cons and the main difference is the ratio of males; its at least 95% male which is a sharp contrast to comic cons where its more female than male.

Did't manage to get many photos unfortunately, as we were so busy but it was lovely and quiet first thing!

Bailey took this photo of Ruben for me, I managed to see these too and they were so cool!

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