Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Corfe Castle & Swanage

Another day another National Trust property-we are from Yorkshire and like to get our money's worth lol! This time to the beautiful Corfe Castle-we'd seen so many photo's of this stunning castle ruins whilst we were in Dorset. It's on the front of so many leaflets/guide books.

This was the front of the castle, its amazing how much it has sunk on one side but then it is at the top of a steep hill.

The scaffolding really spoils the photographs...

Three very serious-looking children/teenagers..

The views! This was looking out towards Poole.

Something taller than Ruben-ha!

Really wonderful views in all directions...

A rare family photo, such a shame Bailey wasn't here too!

Hubby and I being silly!!!

We headed towards Swanage, which was only a short drive from the castle. Another good place for playing Pokemon Go! It was also a very beautiful little place.

Lovely views out of the bay as we sat and ate chips on the grass for lunch. We thought this amphitheatre was really cool and its the first one we have seen.

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