Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pokemon Go!

Since Pokemon Go launched a few weeks ago, we have become a house obsessed with catching Pokemon and levelling up. Since Bailey first got into Pokemon in 2005 when he was just 7 years old, its always been part of our house. We've had Pokmon toys, cuddlies, games and films. We even went to a very cool Pokemon festival in Nottingham a few years back which was great fun. I always remember the first time we went camping and all four children playing Pokemon Pearl and Diamond on their Nintendo DS's. It was so sweet seeing them all enjoy Pokemon together.

When Bailey was at school he had a small group of friends and they were all really into Pokemon, they'd play Pokemon cards and trade them. They had Game boy Pokemon games-the very early ones which we still have a couple of. I think this love of Pokemon definitely passed heavily onto Ruben and he's been into Pokemon since he was only 2 or 3 years old. He loved playing with the figures Bailey had collected and then continued collecting them himself, along with lots of other things. One of the main reasons we had a Nintendo Gamecube , Wii and now the WiiU is because of games like Pokemon Colosseum and PokePark.

There's been talk of the Pokemon game app for quite a while in our house, lots of anticipation and I admit to not really paying much attention to it. Pokemon has filtered through because I've had so many chats about it, I've listened to so many Pokemon conversations and I've always thought it an amazing concept. There has been so much learning connected to the game to and I've always thought it to be quite an educational game.

Ruben has never walked so much in his life, or not since his hormones kicked in anyway. Before Pokemon Go he was always trying to get out of coming anywhere, now he is getting up at 6.30 in a morning to go down to our local country park with hubby and I so we can catch Squirtle's!! He's clocked up over 60 kilometres whilst only playing for 4-5 weeks!! Sometimes he's even gone for 2 walks in one day!!!

I'm so impressed that during the summer holidays I've seen so many children riding bikes, in groups together at the park and hubby even got high fived from two teenagers the other day for taking down a powerful gym that they'd not been able to beat.

Photo's of various Pokemon Go walks we've been on recently. We've actually discovered parks in Sheffield we didn't even know about before and we've combined trips for Pokemon along with other things to like collecting elephants. Sheffield's Herd of Elephants has been great fun, I even met an artist who worked on one of them, he was on the stall next to us at comic con. Hubby wants to see if we can buy one for the garden when they are auctioned off next month.....

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