Saturday, 27 August 2016

London Lolita's and the London Eye

The second day of Insomnia 58 for hubby but for myself, Piper and Cordelia we had a day trip into London booked. Piper had a ticket for a big Lolita event called Wicked & Whimsy, we had actually booked it whilst we were sat in Trafalgar Square back in June and she was so excited.

Planning wise it was very tricky, hubby had to do the show by himself-which was very busy!-and we got dropped at Birmingham train station for our train into London. I'd like to say it was a great experience but actually it was incredibly stressful. We arrived early and unfortunately jumped on the wrong train, we were lucky as the conductor was pretty reasonable (even though he was going to charge me £100 at first) and let us get off at Milton Keynes. The train conductor there was much nicer and let us get on the next train, even though we were an hour early. It didn't do much for my anxiety and I was trying to be super calm for Piper as she was feeling really nervous. She has bad social anxiety and it was such a big deal for her to go to W & W, it actually meant we arrived in London an hour early and could have a slow walk to the event which was on Pall Mall. We managed to pop into Starbucks for a coffee first too and so she could do her last finishing touches to her outfit. I did her nails and Cordelia took lots of photo's for her. She looked beautiful :D

Trying to get a good selfie of the three of us!

We got to the beautiful building where the event was taking place and Piper was really nervous, the queue outside was pretty big but the girls all looked amazing. It is quite a view to see a row of Lolita's I can tell you, I didn't take any photo's except of Piper here:

Unfortunately there were lots of people who were taking photos without permission, which is quite rude. So I thought I'd throw it back at them and take a photo of them-that confused them immensely! 

The beautiful building:

I waited until Piper was through the door before we had to leave, I so wanted to run in with her and maybe will have to next time! She was incredibly brave going in by herself but she did find her friend in there and had a wonderful day which you can read about here on Piper's own blog Wicked and Whimsy Part 1 and here Wicked and Whimsy Part 2.

Meanwhile Cordelia and I had a super laid back day, we did lots of Pokemon hunting, visited a lovely little art shop, had lunch in Trafalgar Square-spent nearly an hour talking to one of the guards there about dogs lol!

Then we had a wander down to the London Eye as we had booked tickets. We were really excited and the queue moved much quicker than I thought it was going to be. The view over the River Thames:


Sent this pic to hubby haha!

It was really high up there, I'm not great with heights tbh! But I got a few good photo's

Buckingham Palace!

Selfie at the top!

And I even caught a Pokemon haha...

We had such a good walk round we ended up in some deckchairs in a park at one point-we were so tired! We picked Piper up at 4pm and headed to the tube station. She had a fab day but we were all so exhausted. We got great seats on the train only for our train to break down, delaying us by an hour (karma from earlier I imagine!) and meaning we only got seats for the last 20 minutes of our journey. Poor hubby had to wait ages for us and came to meet us off the train and ended up paying £9 for 20 minutes car parking!! Think I will just drive into the centre of London myself next time, it'll be less stressful than public transport. Was worth it though to see what a great time Piper had and it was nice to hang out with Cordelia for the day.

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