Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Kedleston Hall, National Trust

Love having the NT membership which means we can visit places on a whim on a weekend, no booking required! I'd like to say that everyone was totally happy about goig out on a Sunday afternoon but that my dear blogger friends would be a LIE.... maybe I should see if you can guess which teenager was unhappy about this visit from the photographs.... or at least this first one anyway...

any ideas?

Others slowly thawed, especially when there were Pokemon Go stops found in the formal gardens...

Hurrah everyone is in a better mood now....and the girls and Ruben showing off Saturday's new haircuts!!

The house is so very, very beautiful inside

Since we had watched the film The Duchess with Piper the night before, a film which I really love, it made it much more exciting to look out for rooms that were used for filming. Piper really enjoyed the film-except the sex bits ;/-and we had fun looking to see how her and Bess of Hardwick are connected. We also found out that Georgiana was the great, great, great, great aunt of Princess Diana!

The view of the house from the bridge, this part of the grounds also appeared in the film, there's a scene where Georgiana is walking whilst her daughters are running ahead of her and she has a visit from her friend Bess (not Bess of Hardwick! But Elizabeth Foster) who later turns out to be her husband's lover-they were strange times! Ruben also hatched a 10k Pokemon egg whilst we were stood here but was not best pleased that it was Shellder which he already has....

Lovely views in the gardens.

Somebody photo bombed...

The Scarsdale family still live in part of the building-the part on the left of the photo-I'm sure that's their car parked outside. The Kedleston estate has been in the Curzon/Scarsdale family since the 13th century. I didn't see any mention of Georgiana Spencer in the house though, I think we will have to visit Chatsworth next as they owned that too.

Hubby, Piper and I thought this painting was super creepy and reminded us of the lady in the new Ghostbusters film-brilliant film btw, highly recommended if you've not seen!!

Another room that was featured in the film, a scene where the Duchess is playing cards with her mother at a table. The sofa's are amazing!

The beautiful and huge marble hall..


Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, despite the staff being pretty miserable here and most of the visitors too! Would it hurt some people to smile? 

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