Friday, 26 August 2016

Insomnia58 Birmingham NEC

This was our first experience of Insomnia, we had a stall booked for the full 4 day bank holiday weekend and we quite excited. We had to set up a day before it opened and to be honest it was very overwhelming to walk into. We've not really done a show as big as this one and it was our first show at the NEC in Birmingham so it was a totally new experience for us. The first day it opened we brought both Bailey and Ruben with us, they were really excited. It was much busier than we had expected and we all had a great day, there were so many things organised and such a great atmosphere. Ruben enjoyed it even more than I'd thought he would but Bailey said he preferred the EGX show, although he got talking to lots of other students on game design courses so he got lots of free advice!

Ruben enjoyed it so much that he came back again on Sunday and Monday! He spent a lot of time playing Overwatch-which Bailey ending up buying whilst he was there-and playing Super Smash with lots of other kids. He never asked for a single thing whilst we were there, even though we were right next to a Japanese sweet stall which had lots of treats, there were lots of merchandise stalls but all he wanted to do was play the games. I think that's quite rare, especially being behind a stall all day seeing lots of other children and their behaviour-some of them very rude! He had money to spend but came home with all of it and was on such a high having had a wonderful weekend!

This was the queue to get in and it was the same on the other side too. Was a bit overwhelming at first but it was actually quite funny to watch all the crowd running down the red carpet area!

Had lots of walks around with both boys and was amazed at these pc towers-they were like works of art!

I'm not even sure what I'd do with that to be honest!

Ruben and I had a few rests and sat and watched the shows that were on various stages.

This was the Twitch stage

Ruben playing one of the indie games, we actually got talking to the creator of this game in the queue to get in!

I think the boys favourite stall was Gametee, Bailey has been buying their t-shirts for the last couple of years and I also got one for Ruben too. I bought their cool tin Pokestop sign for the kitchen and a lure candle, I got talking to the owner for ages and she is a really lovely and talented woman.

It was a fab weekend for the boys and us, our mugs got a lot of admirers and we chatted to lots of interesting people so I'm sure it will be the first of many shows for us.

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