Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Home educating in the summer months/family life

Now I've finally caught up with various trip posts on the blog I can write about what else we've been up to the last month or so. I feel like we've done a lot of cinema trips recently-both with the kids and without the kids too. Hubby and I bought cinema passes so we can go as much as we want now and I have to admit its been nice to go out alone on a few dates. We didn't have chance to do a lot of things before we started our family so it is wonderful to be able to get around to spending some time alone doing things we enjoy together. And with 3 teenagers and one nearly teenager in the house and running our own business from home it is important (read necessary!) to have a break sometimes.

Bailey finally got his letter through from the university saying he has his place on his chosen course, we knew this already but it was still exciting to see it on paper. Only a month to go now before he starts. He's been working quite a few hours a week at the pub too and socialising quite a bit too so we haven't seen too much of him. I've taken him out shopping for new bits for uni and he's bought himself new glasses-the joys of being an adult and having to pay for your own things!

Piper has been busy getting everything ready for Wicked & Whimsy, which is a huge Lolita event in London. She has made herself wrist cuffs, brooches, bracelets, a necklace and a beautiful flower crown. She is meeting up with friends and it all looks like it will be a fantastic event. Here is the crown she's made:

You can read about her W & W preparation on her blog 99percentglitter

We've got a very busy weekend coming up as we have a stall at Insomnia with our mugs, its a 4 day event at the NEC Birmingham but we have to set the stall up tomorrow, so more of a 5 day event for us. Bailey and Ruben are coming down to enjoy the event on Friday and are both very excited, it will be so nice for them to do something together and they both have a shared love of gaming. There's no Youtubers that their bothered about seeing so it will be more about watching the competitive gaming and trying all the new games. On Saturday hubby will have to manage solo as I'm taking the girls into London for the day, Piper will be off to Wicked & Whimsy and once she is safely dropped off, Cordelia and I have plans for lunch in Hyde Park and a trip on the London Eye. We've not been on before so we are really excited-expect photo's to follow! I am imagining by Tuesday I will quite exhausted...

Yesterday we took Ruben and Cordelia to the cinema to watch Alice through the Looking Glass, its a great film with stunning costumes. I love the Time man. Ruben and Cordelia both enjoyed it too. Cordelia went off to meet up with a friend at Meadowhall afterwards. This year we have seen these films at the cinema with the children in different formations:

Batman vs Superman
Star Trek
Captain America Civil War
Finding Dory

There's lots coming out soon too that they want to see, we are a family of movie lovers! We've just finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix with Cordelia too. We all loved it and can't wait for season 2. Cordelia keeps facebooking me GIF's from the series!

Today we had a walk around Rother Valley Country park with Loki. It is very warm today so it was a bit hard work in the sun, especially for little furry Loki. Its 3.5 miles all the way round so was a good bit of exercise and Ruben managed to get his Blastoise (Pokemon Go). We both managed to catch enough Eevee's to evolve our third ones. So we (Hubby too!) have Vaporeon, Flareon & Jolteon now. We have found another country park nearby where we can catch Charmander's so that's where we will be going next I think. Hubby is winning Ruben and I at the moment with his 82 Pokemon in the pokedex, I have 73 and Ruben has 66. Hubby is on level 19, I'm on level 18 and Ruben is on 17-we are all so competitive haha! Pokemon Go is like our summer gym membership.....

Cordelia found a real life Caterpie today on the walk too...

Two weeks ago we had a stall at Sheffield Film and Comic Con, last year the girls got to meet the lead singer of one of their favourite bands so it was definitely a high point. You can see photo's here if you want. No such excitement this year and it wasn't quite as busy but we still had a fantastic weekend. Cordelia's cosplay costumes have improved so much, I can't believe its on just over a year since she started making them. Cosplay has become such a huge part of her life and she has made so many friends from it too. This year she did the Winter Solider from the Captain America Civil War film and also Attack on Titan's Eren. He's still a favourite but she is always evolving the costume, this time it was a new wig. She's currently working on cosplay for MCM Birmingham in November. Here are some photo's of her from comic con:



Piper and I will be celebrating 8 weeks of being Vegan this weekend, it's gone so fast. Feel like we are really starting to get into the swing of it now but it has meant a lot more planning on my behalf. Yesterday Piper and I made some glow bars from the book Oh She Glows, we made 12 so we will have plenty for the weekend as they last for up to 2 weeks. We also had a first attempt at peppermint creams, they were a little fiddly but came out really well, a bit too well-no photo's because we've already eaten them all! Sheffield has lots of new vegan cafe's popping up recently so we need to get round and try them too. Its made an impact on the rest of the house too with much more vegan friendly snacks/food being eaten. I even made us deodorant yesterday from scratch, it was actually really easy thanks to online tutorials and I've been using it for two days in 22 degrees sunny weather and so has hubby and it works brilliantly. Even Ruben has been giving it a go. Money saving and better for us and the environment...

I think that is us all caught up for now, I'm sure there will be a lot to post about after this weekend :D

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