Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Hardwick Hall

It's been a couple of years since we've had National Trust membership, and even longer since we've had a family membership over the home educating family membership. I think the home educating family membership is really good value but I got really fed up with the "Have you booked a visit for today?" every time we visited a property. I can't always plan a week ahead where I am going to visit! So we just went for family membership this year in a bid to get all of us out of the house more.

We joined at Hardwick Hall, we haven't been here for years except on walks and you can see our previous visit back in 2011 here;

Hardwick Hall walk

Walks at Hardwick

Visiting Hardwick Hall

This time we just took Piper as she really wanted to go and the others did not. She has long since been a fan of Harwick's famous resident Bess and knows so much of her. We had a great talk with the lady on reception about her and her niece Arbella, there's a new book out about her but we didn't get chance to get it in the gift shop. Will have to buy it from Amazon.

As we now have membership we could also go into the old hall which is owned and run by the English Heritage. We did a lot of walking so I'm glad that Cordelia and Ruben stayed home as they would have been very whingy at walking so much. We got lots of photos as the house is so very photogenic and symmetrical!

I can't think we did anything more on this visit than previous visits and not that much has changed, although I don't remember the kitchens?! Piper did a perfect napkin fold so she's on that duty for Christmas lunch! We did notice a painting of Georgiana Spencer on the staircase though and it reminded me to introduce Piper to the film The Duchess with Keira Knightley-I had forgot that Georgiana also owned Hardwick. At least I know where our next visit should be-Kedleston Hall.



The view of the back of the house


The very symmetrical front of the house and Piper :)

Exploring the house and huge tapestries..

The beautiful restored bed

The old hall, or what's left of it. Quite a lot of stairs to climb to get to this point.

The view of the new hall from the top of the old hall..

Thanks to the many, many Pokemon Go stops and super powerful gym-level 7!- think we will be visiting here again soon and probably bringing Ruben with us...

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