Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Clumber Park, National Trust

Must be getting near to September as I'm sure my home ed wobble is getting ready to kick in. Although not as bad as it used to be, don't know if that comes from Bailey getting into University or the realisation that what with university fees being so expensive and the experience of dealing with college tutors that I don't care at all if they actually do any of those things. It's different for Bailey because for the last 3-4 years he has been very focused on what path he wants to follow and has done everything according to his plan. We are enormously proud of him. But after reading so much in the news recently about universities, my opinion on further education has really changed. The fees to go now just seem so ridiculous and I'm already worrying about how leaving uni with all those fees will affect my son's future.

I really thought we would be thinking about college for Piper by now but after Bailey's experience I'm not really bothered whether she goes or not. We are already fending off the questions though, which to be honest pisses me right off, especially given that most of the people asking have retrained for different careers!! I hate that a 16 year old is supposed to decide what she wants to do with the rest of her life, she isn't even 16 yet for goodness sake. I don't think I know a single person who is still in the same job they were doing at 16. Would really like to make a "back off" leaflet for the next few years for the girls and Ruben...

Going into the "new term" as such I'm just hoping to get outdoors a bit more and maybe have a bit less time online. I haven't ordered a single workbook for anyone.....yet...and I don't have any plans too....

We had a lovely walk around Clumber Park last week-no phone reception unfortunately, so no Pokemon Stops! We walked round the whole lake, which is around 3-4 miles, and had a lovely picnic. Thanks to our membership too, no parking charges. I think we've already recouped our membership fee already pretty much and it's not even September.

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