Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Sheffield Elephant Herd

We had a trip into Sheffield city centre after hearing all about the new elephant herd installation on the news and social media. It's one of the biggest art displays in the UK and is all to raise money for Sheffield Children's Hospital. All the elephant's will be auctioned off in October. All four of my children at some point or another have been in the children's hospital and received fantastic care so I really hope they raise lots of money.

There is an app you can download and then you can scan each elephant and collect them all. A bit Pokemon Go really! Ruben enjoyed collecting all the different elephants in town, we managed to see 34! Here are a few of them;

Sheffield has its very own claim to space fame with Helen Sharman, who was the first British astronaut and first woman to visit the international space station in 1991. She came and did a talk at my secondary school which I remember well. A cool lady!

A nod to the Johnny White sculptures in the Winter Gardens, Sheffield is famous for its steel and cutlery. Ruben had a great workshop two years ago with Johnny making an Iron Giant out of reclaimed/recycled metal.

A rare photo of the pesky Hobbits! 

This was my favourite elephant-a very tail theme!

Ruben is pretty much my height now yikes!

A snooker themed elephant outside the Sheffield Crucible. Signed by lots of famous players.

Sheffield is also famous for its musicians including Jarvis Cockermouth,  Oli Sykes (who we were lucky enough to meet twice in the last year!) Arctic Monkeys, Roision Murphy, the Human League, Reverend and the Makers.....

We did quite a few kilometres and we still didn't see them all! So we'll have to do a few more trips over the summer.


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