Friday, 1 July 2016

July Life, celebrating Dad's birthday and Bailey's college results!

Moments like this one pictured warm my insides! Bailey and Cordelia bonding over paints.. #summerdays

July began with the celebration of another birthday-Hubby's 38th Birthday!! We had a lovely family day with a walk with Loki and then lunch out all 6 of us at Taco Bell. A bit of a favourite in this house, we love our Mexican foods! Then back home for a big piece of cake before hubby and I headed off for a lovely, relaxing night away. Or at least so we thought, when we arrived we realised neither of us had brought a bank card and couldn't check into our room without one as there was a mini bar! Thanks to Natwest we managed to get some cash out of the machine with their fab "get cash" option so we at least got to sit and have a nice coffee before we had to set off all the way back home. On the plus side we were only a 45 minute drive away from home so we were back at the hotel before we knew it we both our bank cards!

The receptionist actually felt a bit sorry for us having to go all the way home and back again so she sent room service up with a birthday surprise for Hubby which was very kind of her!

We eventually managed to r-e-l-a-x....and had a lovely evening/morning in Nottingham. We even took ourselves around Nottingham Castle on Saturday morning like a couple of tourists. Your never "not" home educating even when there's no children around haha!

The other good news of the month was Bailey passing his college course in BTEC Video Games and Animation. He was really worried about his results as he needed a Merit for his university place and its been quite stressful with the college as I don't think they have been as supportive as they should have been. But in the end there was no need for him to worry as he got the highest possible pass-a Distinction and was told that the external marker thought his work was Year 3 University level and that if they could they would have given him a higher grade. A big YAY!!!!! For home education. We are all so proud and excited for the next big part of his adventure-university!!! Cordelia made him a chocolate, caramel shortbread to celebrate and Hubby took him to the pub.

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