Monday, 18 July 2016

Going Vegan

Becoming a vegan is something that I've considered for quite a while but was quite reluctant to actually take the plunge until Piper decided to go vegan.  After much discussion with Piper and lots of looking into recipes, reading blogs for advice and getting books out of the library we decided to give it a try. That was 16 days ago and so far so good!

We've tried lots of new recipes, Piper has got involved in lots of the cooking too. We got talking to a fellow vegan in Tesco and he told us all the best vegan shops in Sheffield to visit as well as some of the best snacks! We've visited the Incredible Nutshell twice now, it's a great little shop that is absolutely packed with vegan foods and so every time we've been in we've picked up a few new things to try.

To be honest it's been quite an overwhelming experience so far, there's so many arguments for and against, so much research, so many options and it's not just food either. We have had to look at all of our products as a household too. Even though it's only Piper and I that have gone vegan, we've set about changing over all our shower gels, toothpaste, handwash, make up, deodorants, cleaning products etc to vegan friendly versions. It's not an overnight change because there's a lot involved and also we are on budget so that has to be taken into account to.
Some products we've been lucky to find in our local poundshop, so we stock up on those when we are nearby. 

There are so many products available in the supermarkets now that it's been quite easy so far. Piper has been excellent at trying everything I've cooked, even if it's something she's not normally keen on. It's been an enormous learning experience for both of us so far. 

We sat and watched the documentary Cowspiracy together last week and that was a real eye opener and a definite motivator. We had so many great conversations afterwards and continue to come back to the points it brought up.

Our favourite recipes so far are butternut squash  risotto,  chickpea and spinach curry, potato rosti and spiced fried potatoes. I've also made a couple of batches of biscuits with vegan margarine which have been nice. I'm not so keen on a lot of the packaged vegan foods and there's a lot of sugar involved which I'm finding quite hard given that I'd just spent two months learning to eat sugar free and enjoy full fat dairy foods. There's also a lot of carbs involved which is also something I don't normally eat too much of. 

There's a lot of time spent reading the back of packets as so many foods that are vegan don't say so!! And it's not so easy to eat out but that's something we've been looking more into too. I found some dairy free ice cream in asda yesterday for Piper which she loved. And the Vego chocolate bar has been my favourite chocolate so far.  It's going to be a continuing learning curve for both of us I think. But we are both happy to have made the change.

It's nice to be able to support more small businesses locally and also as a fellow small business owner even our friends businesses too. A fellow home ed mum sells vegan friendly deodorant over at  Hippy Paste and I put an order in for both Piper and myself. It's a fab little deodorant and it works really well. It's one less thing I'm having to check the packaging for or do lots of research on so I'm very happy.

Hubby made Piper and I a vegan pizza last week, our first experience using vegan cheese! I'm not a fan really as think it tastes a bit plastic so onwards with trialing different cheeses! It was great to have a night of cooking though haha ;)

Incredible Nutshell goodies;

Hubby's vegan pizza!

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