Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Beach Days, life reflections

So much has been happening but then again it feels like nothing at all to, sometimes I find it hard to separate life from education as such. Sometimes it doesn't feel like education because its so fluid and natural that its like nothing outside of this house matters that much. We have our own grooves of activity, learning, teaching and they all just get mixed up together. Our life would not work for so many people but it makes us so happy, in the last 12 months I have taken a huge step away from the home education community after feeling it was no longer for us. I just don't feel we fit in anywhere, none of us feel comfortable and I was feeling drained and exhausted trying to fit square pegs into round holes.  I had wasted a lot of time and energy trying to keep friendships that were causing too much stress and with nearly four teenagers I have not the time, patience nor energy to devote to people that require too much from me.

We are who we are, we are not unschooling (something that has never sat comfortably with us and we've seen nothing to sway our decision) we're not structured, we're not stressed but we do have some rules. Living in a house with 6 people and four pets would be impossibly hard without compromise and some rules. There are bedtimes, there are chores, we try and help each other out, we are a team. We commiserate when things aren't going the way we hoped, we laugh together, sometimes we cry (cos sometimes we get PMS and feel emotional haha!) and we celebrate all our achievements and good news. We support each other because we are all we have! We see the odd friend but since most of our local home ed friends have gone back into school now the children have made friends elsewhere and its been much easier. Learning goes on all around us and plans for the future are always talked about, I've no idea where it will lead but I'm excited to follow our journey and see it unfold.

I'm very happy with how our life is at the moment. I'm very lucky to get to be in my little bubble everyday with some of the best people I know (and whom I also helped create haha!)

Cordelia and I had a hair colour change:

We also had a lovely day at the beach with Loki, its only his second trip to th beach so he was very funny and very excited. We have been so busy with our business this year that holiday's have had to take much more of a backseat (much to my dismay, I LOVE holidays) so a trip to the seaside is t next best thing.

2p slot machines are still as popular as ever :))

Loki having a great time!

Cordelia being silly and throwing some sand moves...

Ruben keeping Loki's interest!

Precious moments that I treasure...

Hoping for a bit more beach time soon.....

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