Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2016

Perks of having your parents work at comic cons means sometimes you get to come along too! At least that was the case for Yorkshire Cosplay Con in Sheffield, we've actually been several times to this event but never with our own stock. The organiser is very clued up on teenagers and what kind of things they like to do and makes a real effort to plan lots of things they find interesting. 

Piper had a lot of Lolita friends old and new attending and so I hardly saw her all weekend, she had a fab time. Quite a tough thing for a girl who has social anxiety but she impressed all of us and had a lot of fun.

Day one Cordelia was Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan (Manga/Anime) and even took part in the cosplay competition. Which was brave given the huge arena and large attendance!

She's holding the number 6!

 Piper's co-ord on the Saturday, she did an Alice in Wonderland theme with her dress, the socks are the ones we bought in Paris last June and then she made herself some accessories-she is incredibly resourceful! 

Sunday's outfits were all change again. Piper in Angelic Pretty (kind of like Lolita brand!) and Cordelia as Mettaton from the game Undertale.

One of the mugs we sell is designed by our very own artist Cordelia!

Some of our favourite superheros drinking from our Handmade in the Hellmouth mugs:

Was a fun weekend of work and the girls had a fantastic weekend. Cordelia met the voice actor behind one of her favourite Attack on Titan characters-Lauren Landa who was from Ccalifornia, she got her to sign a drawing that she had done and she had a long chat with her. I went along and met her too and she was so lovely, she said some really nice things to Cordelia about her Mettaton make-up and that she should consider a career in special effcets make-up.

Its lovely when you get to meet people you admire and they turn out to be such lovely people too. I'm so thankful that the famous people the girls have both had the pleasure of meeting have been so lovely!

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