Sunday, 5 June 2016

London Trip; NHM, Science Museum & V & A

We hadn't had a London trip for quite a long time so we were really excited when our trip finally came round. We always try and fit too much into our trips in a bid to fit everyone's requests in. Ruben wanted to do the Natural History Museum, Cordelia the Science Museum and Piper the V & A. As they are all in the same area we thought it a perfect opportunity to do all 3. Obviously we didn't get to see everything in each museum but we got to do the bits we wanted. As our coach arrived at Victoria at 10.30am we had a full day, and thankfully some beautiful sunshine to go with it.

Look how big everyone is now! Ruben is about to overtake Cordelia in height too now..They could be triplets!

Requests for the big mammal display in the NHM, which used to amaze us but now looks a bit tired in comparison to the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. I was a bit disappointed.

The dinosaurs have lost their "wow" a bit for us too now, Ruben was terrified the first time he saw this animatronic t-rex and I remember him hiding behind Bailey's legs. But he was only around 4 years old at the time...

We headed to the Science museum after about an hour, everyone wandering off to look at bits they were interested in


Ruben has taken to pulling silly faces on all photos now....

We watched an interesting video about Einstein which was really interesting. We like looking at all the cool products with him on.

Starting to flag a bit now so we headed across the road to the V & A as Piper loves the fashion bit and we love sitting in the centre garden.

Some cool sculptures in the garden

Cordelia sketching in the sunshine

Piper was thrilled to find a lolita outfit! I think it made her day actually. She was disappointed not to be wearing lolita but I think it would have been far too hot for her. It was from  the brand -Baby the Stars Shine Bright, we visited their Paris shop last year so that was a cool connection.

Time for fresh air and a picnic in Hyde Park, right next to the Serpentine lake-great for people watching and playing some silly games in between eating our picnic.

We had a very slow, it was so hot! walk to our hotel which was right next to the London Eye, past Buckingham Palace, through St James Park-which was beautiful in the sunshine!

We all had a much needed rest back at the hotel before heading out for an evening walk. It was still so busy around the London Eye and Southbank. London is such a cool place to be. Family selfie time!

Tried not to walk too far as we had a busy day planned for Monday and din't want to be too tired. We were all asleep by 10.30 after our 5.30am start.

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