Monday, 20 June 2016

Bailey turns 18!!!!!!!

So overwhelmingly behind on the blog-pretty much a month behind, *groans*....

June saw the celebration of our eldest child into a fully fledged adult of 18!!! I always say its going too fast and this is real living proof that someone has pressed the fast forward button on our life. I still remember seeing his beautiful little face, eyes wide open staring straight back at me for the very first time and the overwhelming feeling of love for him. That's not changed at all obviously-except his face his bigger haha!

We are so incredibly proud of the man he is turning out to be and also proud of ourselves because (we think anyway!) that we have done a rather lovely job bringing him up.

He wanted a rather chilled birthday, just the kind of boy he is-no fuss. So we had a lovely breakfast and all headed out for pizza lunch. Here are some photo's:

Had a total cake disaster when four cakes I baked did not come out well or even cooked... So I gave up with my perfect vision of a beautiful 18th birthday cake and went to M & S instead! Bailey didn't care he was happy:

We had a BBQ and he invited some of his friends from college, they spent all night in the garden and camped out in our tent and had a great time.

Happy 18th Birthday to our beautiful boy, so many wishes for your future ahead but mainly that you are always happy and safe. Love you so much xxxxxx

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