Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, KAWS Exhibit

We successfully managed to get all three of the children/teenagers out of the house and into the sunshine. Good job we didn't tell them it was going to involve anything more than just "wandering" around the sculpture park haha!

I had seen some of the Kaws sculptures on instagram so was pretty intrigued by them. They gained mixed opinions from all of us, I thought they were pretty cool actually if a little bizarre. We walked right up to the Long Gallery on the top of the hill, which is something we haven't done for years. We even had a picnic on our way up.

We had a wander around the gallery-it's only small really- used the toilets and the children decided ice creams were in order as a reward for them leaving the house!!

Piper liked this Kaws sculpture the most-probably because its pink!


I liked this one!

Ruben looks ridiculously loooong in this photo...

Three lesser spotted pesky hobbits! They are nearly all the same size now, how did that happen?

I really loved this, it looked like ice. Look at those blue skies!

This was setting off on the walk with a very excited puppy..

More of Kaws sculptures...

I thought they looked a bit like Mickey Mouse? But the kids thought that was very funny and told me about the skull/crossbones and then I got it....still think it looks like Disney characters though

After the Long Gallery, we decided to walk the entire loop, something we used to do all the time when they were all much smaller. I'm sure at one point I even had the pram when we first started coming here. As you get to the top of the hill there are some lovely views and we sat and watched the wind blowing the grass across the fields for quite a bit, it was quite therapeutic, it looked like the sea :-)

The bluebells in the woods looked stunning though:

We we all trying to use our smartphones/cameras to get good pictures hence Cordelia's hand in this photo!

Ruben, Cordelia and Loki being silly!

The steps back down, think there are 71 and part of an exhibit by David Nash (I think?) We even saw some home ed friends on our walk back! Was nice to catch up with them as its been a while.

We stopped for a drink and just to enjoy the sunshine for a bit longer before heading home. 

Here are some of our previous visits to the sculpture park:

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