Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wyming brook Sheffield

After a few days of rest and patiently waiting for my voice to come back, we were all a bit cabin fever-y. Comic cons can be really long weekends and whilst its nice to recover its also nice to get outdoors and in the sunshine. My voice took several days-nearly a week!- to come back and both myself and Piper have felt pretty rubbish all week. Germs courtesy of Bailey via college-will be glad when he breaks up for the summer!

But I made a picnic and literally dragged three children away from smartphones and laptops-they must have flat finger tip pads by now surely?!- to beautiful Wyming Brook where we haven't visited in a few years. The first section of the walk is right by the water/waterfalls its quite noisy and you have to watch where you are stepping as its really rocky/muddy. Its quite a workout!

It was Loki's first walk somewhere like this and being the fluff monster that he is, he didn't enjoy it at all. We had been thinking of getting him clipped shorter for summer anyway and after this walk we made our mind up that he definitely needs to lose his coat at least for the summer. He spent the whole walk trying to get small twigs out of his fluff whilst actually succeeding in getting way more in his fur.

Cordelia had a big teenage strop, which caused a falling out and as well as Piper and I suffering with our sore throats/cough/cold we both had bad hayfever. So whilst the scenery was absolutely stunning-couldn't fault it at all, our moods not so much. Still, such is life when parenting teenagers!

Piper carrying Loki across the stepping stones:

The beautiful scenery:

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