Sunday, 1 May 2016

The weekend, saying goodbye to the Lego..

A weekend of sorting through, clearing out books no longer read, making room for new books, putting some old favourites away for future grandchildren?!

After hubby and I had a trip alone to Ikea yesterday (and a lovely cooked breakfast in the cafe!) We had a talk about a new bed for Ruben to give him more space for a larger desk/pc area. We came home with a new office chair for him, new desk for Cordelia (she had a table in her room before so the desk seems smaller but much tidier and looks better with her black bedroom theme) new plates and glasses. Then we started sorting through Ruben's room, which was a good bit of a distraction from some online unpleasantness. He decided to take out the Lego collection along with two ikea cube storage units. The Lego collection is actually a family collective and began when Bailey, now only a month away from being 18-eeek, was 4/5 years old. Hubby put it in huge plastic tubs and Bailey decided to get as many of the mini figures out as he could find to make a display in his room. Now it's all away in storage awaiting for future grandchildren? ! We can't possibly sell it as it means too much. I feel really quite sad about it but I'm trying to picture my future grandchildren getting excited seeing their "parents" old toys and that gives me quite a nice, warm feeling. Of course there maybe no grandchildren and I'm fine with that too! Then it can be upto the children what they want to do with it.

The house always feels better when we've had a sort out, we do accumulate a lot of things.

We sat and watched X-Men Days of Future Past last night after home cooked-and rather delicious-chicken birianyi followed by a Saturday treat of Krispy Kremes, a family favourite.

This morning was an early start, Hubby and Bailey off to the car boot. Whilst Loki, who is used to hubby's company in a morning, woke Ruben and I up with his barking. It's funny as I'd read a really great blog post last week about a home schooled dog and it really struck a chord with me. Loki has hardly been left much at all in the four months we've had him. He is fussed, loved, cuddled and has someone to play with pretty much all the time. He doesn't even like it if we are in another room without him so it's understandable that he gets upset when he knows we are upstairs. On Friday when we were all out at the cinema watching Civil War he was left for 4 1/2 hours by himself, he didn't make any mess and was SO excited to see us. Ruben did go back to bed to bed for a bit and I got to enjoy a cup of tea in peace and quiet.

Hubby and I took Loki for a big walk this morning then he and Ruben played on the WiiU. Piper has started with hayfever this week and was feeling a bit rubbish despite an antihistamine but she had plans with her friend so put a brave face on. We dropped her off with her friend for a few hours, whilst I did some sewing, Ruben finished his Yoshi's Woolly World which he was really pleased about.

Cordelia has been drawing new designs for her Etsy shop and also practising with her new watercolours. This is what she painted:

I love it.

I had a really good morning in the kitchen making a sugar free granola and these delicious sugar free glo bars. I'm looking forward to eating sugar free again next week after a few treats this weekend. 

Sunday has finished up with homemade pizzas, sugar free pasta sauce packed with veg and wholewheat flour so not feeling too guilty ;)

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