Sunday, 8 May 2016

Positive Moments from this week 8/5/16

Positive moments from this week:

The sun came out-hurrah!

The children left the house to walk over 3 miles in the previously mentioned sunshine and enjoyed it! They all looked a bit "pink" afterwards as there ghostly pale skin reacted to the outside world/fresh air/sunshine/lack of wifi

New friends were made by Ruben and Cordelia-lovely to see/hear

Piper did some excellent upcycling with a denim waistcoat from the charity shop as well as other smaller sewing projects and another go with the resin-still coming out stretchy though instead of hard?! Must google it when I have a chance.

Had one on 2:1 time with all three of them this week, Ruben at mini golf/mcdonalds on Tuesday. Piper at Meadowhall yesterday and Cordelia in town today. Rare.

For at least 20 minutes today all four children sat in the garden with us, without being requested too and we laughed and chatted and all played with the puppy. Talked about a family holiday together later in the year-all 6 of us!! Would really love that :))
Only managed to get 3 of them in the photo :(( but Cordelia did take a lovely selfie with me today :D

The henna was finally put to some use, by Cordelia on her hand:

Played a new family game! Artificium, it's not too long thankfully but interesting. The peeps even did some television-worthy poses when I took some photo's ;)

Did I say the sunshine? I'm saying it again because its been so lovely :)

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