Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Meeting Andy Biersack/making dreams come true for a BVB fan!

I suppose in a house of alternative education  there was always a chance that the children were going to be alternative in some way or another. That is definitely the case for our two daughters! Since the age of around 10/11 Cordelia has always wanted to be more goth/emo and that has also filtered into her love of music. Both girls have such fantastic music taste, they are rarely without headphones at any time and I was the same as a teenager. How wonderful to have a soundtrack to your everyday by plugging in your headphones-no matter that mum has been shouting for 5 whole minutes that tea is ready or that she has to come upstairs to get you making you jump because you don't hear her come in the room-I'm sometimes at bit jealous at the opportunity to block everything out with the sounds of great music.

Cordelia has been into a band called Black Veil Brides for several years now, you might remember photos of her on the blog in recent years with her "war paint" on. She always got lots of looks, not always in the friendliest way either but thankfully couldn't give two hoots what anyone thinks of her, a quality I greatly admire in her. She has always been happy with who she is in that moment. Back in March I saw that the lead singer of BVB was doing a solo tour as Andy Black and coming to Sheffield's The Leadmill so I had to book her tickets.

She spent quite a while drawing a picture of him (well I say a while but I mean half an afternoon!) she drew him using her Spectrum Noir markers that she got for her birthday. I think it came out really well....

I'm a bit rubbish at going out at night I have to admit, I am such a homebody! And I always get a bit nervous before going to gigs but it was such a lovely atmosphere. Here is a before "selfie" (I look SO tired and it was only 7.30pm)

It wasn't that busy inside and we were lucky to get really close to the front of the stage and watch the support band Creeper. Cordelia looks way to grown up in this photo...

Look how close we were! 

Cordelia was desperate to wait outside for him, and despite the rain I said we could wait for a little while. First I said half an hour, then an hour, then an hour and a half... he finally came out at 12.15am!

Cordelia got to meet all of the band Creeper who had photos with her and were so friendly and chatted to the girls that were still left standing. There were around 30 when we first started and there ended up being less than 10 by the time he came out. His manager was a bit grumpy saying no photos but Andy was lovely when he came out and Cordelia got to chat to him for a few minutes, he said he picture was brilliant and happily signed it for her, he also used her pen to sign another girls's poster but not before he asked Cordelia if it was okay. I don't think anyone will ever be able to use that pen again ever. I managed to get this photo of him signing her picture.

She was SOOOOO happy that she literally cried all the way home. I feel so happy for her that she has had the experience of meeting one of her favourite musicians and that he was so nice and friendly. She is, and to be honest always has been, so determined to do things and she has an ability of making things happen because she really puts herself out there. I really admire that about her and I'm so pleased that a part of my job is facilitating these things happening. Definitely a memory for both of us that will last a long time!

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