Sunday, 22 May 2016

Manchester Film & Comic Con

If you are a regular reader you will know that hubby and I run our own business which has slowly evolved over the years and now we sell hand printed mugs online and at comic cons. We love doing the comic cons and meeting lots of new people and quite a few of the same people too haha! Its always fun to talk to cosplayers and other stall holders, I really love talking to people, I'd say talking is up there with one of my favourite hobbies tbh! 

Sadly I started feeling a bit rubbish the day before con as we were setting up the stall and had a really sore throat Saturday morning, by the late afternoon my voice had pretty much gone :( I still had a fab weekend and met lots of interesting people despite being unable to do more than whisper all day on Sunday! Cordelia came with us on the Saturday in cosplay as a character called Nanaba from Attack on Titan. She managed to meet up with a friend from a previous comic con earlier in the year (who also coincidentally is home ed too!) so she had a great day hanging out and having her photo taken. 

Here she is in full costume, I didn't manage to get a photo of her but thankfully a photographer took this one of her for me. She is currently working on a new cosplay for some up and coming comic cons.

She has been testing them out and came downstairs in Titan Eren make-up (again from Attack on Titan)

and then again later in make up for her Mettaton cosplay (from a game called Undertale):

She got a lot of love online for her Mettaton cosplay make-up so think that is what she has chosen to make next.

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