Sunday, 29 May 2016

Botanical Gardens Sheffield

Following on from our walk at Wyming Brook this week and the conversations which followed after the teenage strops stopped we are trying to make a conscious effort to get the children out of the house. Ruben in particular finds it hard to step away from the pc gaming/you tube when we are in the house so we decided to just get them out of the house rather than complaining about it. I can see it stresses him out when we are at home even though he has an unlimited amount of time to play online, at least from early morning until around 9pm, we do insist on him being off the pc for at least an hour before bed. He finds it hard to be in the house and not online and is always just biding his time before he gets back online.

Its very hard as no one really wants to go anywhere much these days, unless there is food on offer! We dropped the girls in town for the afternoon and took Ruben out for lunch followed by a walk around Botanical Gardens, one of our all time favourite places-we've been coming here since before all our babies were born, and it was the first place we brought newborn Bailey. Its very pretty and actually quite serene to say its in the middle of a very busy road, housing estate and university housing.

Here is a silly selfie of the 3 of us!

Why do boys always pull silly faces for photo's?

Ruben's laugh cracked me up here..its such an infectious laugh!

I can't believe how tall Ruben is growing, at this rate he is easily going to overtake 6ft 1" Bailey. He complained his shoes were hurting whilst we were out and it turns out his feet have grown another full size in only 8 weeks-he's now the same show size as me at a 7!!! His legs seem to be endless..

He's doing that awkward boy photo in this picture!

We had a walk in the huge Victorian greenhouse and as always spent most of our time discussing the cactus plants and how different they all are:

We love this Australian flower that we think looks like a dinosaur head:

We had ice creams before heading back home. I picked the girls up a bit later from the tram stop and we all sat in the garden, Loki missed the girls too and looks like he is listening to all their news in this photo, utterly captivated:

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