Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Zootropolis and the library

The weather has been pretty strange this week-we've had beautiful bouts of blue skies and sunshine one minute and then hail and snow the next. Yesterday we managed to get out of the house for a bit to the library, I left in sunglasses and came back running to the front door in the snow!

Monday was a home day after two days out over the weekend, Ruben for his card club and the girls for different reasons spent two days in town too, mainly shopping and also a cosplay meet up. They need at least one home day after two days on the trot out!

It's hard to get the girls reading again, they feel like they've read "everything" in all the libraries which is obviously not true but they don't devour books in the same way they used to. And I can't get Ruben interested in much at all but I did talk him into a couple of science books and a coding book. Unless I get them out though they will just sit in the cupboard until we go back again *sigh*, so I'll have to remember and get them out with him.

This is what Cordelia chose: 

Piper's choice:

Following on from her love of Agatha Christie she has started reading more detective style novels.

We've had great fun playing with our puppy Loki who makes us laugh with his antics on a daily basis. Here he is playing with a cardboard cellotape roll!

Last night we talked about a big family holiday to celebrate the girl's 16th and 18th birthdays and Hubby's 40th, its not until 2018 but its quite a big year of birthdays and it would be nice to do something big, we'll need to save up quite a bit first but I do love a plan! Bailey would love to come too but it depends what happens with his work placement year and university. Lots of ifs buts and maybes. Its inspired the kids to think about what they'd like to see and do and Ruben says if its worth it he will get on a plane. Which is huge for him as he's got a real fear of aeroplanes and since none of our children have been on one it will be a bit of a nervous time.

After Ruben came off line last night we sat and watched a Channel 4 documentary on the Nepal Earthquake which was really sad, Ruben watched a bit but decided it was too sad for him so it was just Hubby and I left watching. When he came back downstairs we settled for Monsters University on Netflix instead, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be to be honest.

Today I took Cordelia and Ruben to see Zootropolis whilst Hubby took Piper around the charity shops. She loves vintage shopping! The film was really good, very funny in parts and with a really nice message. The heating in the cinema was broken unfortunately so it was pretty cold in there, far too cold for me. I did get a free cup of tea which helped warm me up slightly and Cordelia pinched my coat to drape over her-this from the girl who left the house in a cropped vest top, despite my "it snowed yesterday!" she only took a very thin hoodie. You don't want to say I told you so but jeez sometimes I really do! She sat across the aisle from Ruben and I but since there were only a handful of people in the cinema it didn't really matter!

Ruben and I in the cinema:

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