Friday, 22 April 2016

Positive moments from this week

Going to try this once a week on a Friday, gather up all our positive moments from the week. Since we are very autonomous and only follow the children's interests rather than a structured approach, I feel like we are more just "living" our life our way than anything else.

A week of no car has meant a week at home for us.


Had a week including brace tightening, sewing, drawing, thinking about college potentially, hanging out with Cordelia A LOT and IXL. We had a great talk in the coffee shop just her, hubby & I about Japan, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and the great San Francisco fire. All very spontaneous which is what we love most about home ed. I love this piece of Art she has done inspired by her love of Melanie Martinez :


Spends much of her days drawing, she painted this with her new watercolours:

And has been busy starting another new cosplay build-using one of my old yoga mats!

She cut the shapes out, did a PVA glue wash and strengthened them underneath with cardboard. Then began a paper mache over the top.

Rare to get a photo of Ruben these days but he has been helping me plant sunflowers in pots, playing with Loki lots, playing Pokemon cards, skyping with friends and playing lots of Team Fortress 2. He downloaded a new game on Steam this week which he's been playing called Stardew valley. He's been doing lots of Pixel Art including making a really cool picture with all of us as Pokemon sprites. We've framed it and put it in our Geek Gallery/downstairs bathroom :)

Here's a photo of Loki looking super poof-as the kids say- after his bath this morning:

I've done loads of walking in the sunshine to escape the cabin fever of being indoors! Lots of gardening, planting veg and even finished my sewing project! It's a top and skirt, I bought the pattern and material last month at the hobbycraft and sewing show at the NEC. I'm so pleased with how it's come out even though there are lots of little flaws.

Whilst I've been sewing hubby has been busy making this humungous sword!!
It's for a new joint cosplay we are planning later in the year. Something else I need to start sewing is our costumes! Hubby is in charge of the props as you can see ;)

And that's our week in positives :D

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