Friday, 29 April 2016

Positive moments from this week 29/4/16

We've had a really lovely week, topped today with a trip to the cinema (second visit in a week for some of us!) to see the new Civil War Captain America film. It was brilliant and we all enjoyed it.

Ruben has spent the week playing lots of Team Fortress 2 with friends, he's used pocket money to buy extras in the game, which has made him rather happy but I really can't agree with. It's his money though but I hate the idea of him being ripped off. For the money he's spent on the game he could have bought REAL items but hey ho. He's lost another tooth this week which woke him up at 5 am and luckily he didn't swallow it! He's decided today to try some new foods, which I've been trying to get him to do for ages! Finally he's fed up of eating such a small range of meals-hurrah!

Piper has been helping me with a new design for the business, hoping it will do okay and then she can earn herself some extra pocket money. I'd like them to take part in the business and think it's a great experience and better than the paper round I had at their age! She's been drawing lots, reading ghost stories and keeping up with her IXL maths too as well as playing Sims on the laptop. She did a little experiment with some of my chia seeds after I told her about a man who swallowed some dry and then followed it with lots of water, she put some in a cup filled with water and first they grew little "tails" and yesterday we noticed green sprouts/shoots coming off them. After doing some online reading she wants to have a go at growing some on a dish and getting them to sprout.

Cordelia loved Zootropolis on Wednesday and has spent time drawing and looking at other characters from the film. She wants to do a cosplay of one of the main characters Nick. Another cosplay project-it's endless! Much of the week has been spent drawing and she's still selling art on her Etsy shop. She's been reading a lot and playing Sims on the Xbox.

The weather has been so cold, the heating has hardly been off-hand to believe it's May so soon with all the snow flurries we've had this week.

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