Wednesday, 20 April 2016

*Catch up Post* Edinburgh, Piper turns 15 and the Royal Yacht

Back in December we booked a couple of nights away in Edinburgh for a pre-Christmas break and also to celebrate Piper's 15th birthday. We have visited Edinburgh Christmas fair several times now and it always makes us feel so Christmassy :D We booked an apartment which was only 10 minutes walk into the city centre which was perfect-no need to worry about parking!

It looks so beautiful when it is lit up with the Christmas lights and the big wheel. Ruben and I had great fun in the Christmas tree maze and we managed to get all the clues right to win some chocolate at the end!

I booked tickets (although they were free) for the Virgin Money Street Light Show which was really amazing. A live choir sang whilst the arches were lit up in turn, it was really quite emotional and made me cry! Thankfully it was raining by this point so no one could see my tears!

With his golden coin prize for completing all the clues in the Christmas tree maze

Piper wanted to spend the day walking around Edinburgh and shopping for her birthday so that is what we did. It is a great city centre for shopping, a mix of high street and lots of independent shops too. She bought lots of clothes! I didn't get chance to bake her a cake so she chose a really nice chocolate cake and we had a Sainsbury's curry for tea(a family favourite), its the simple things in life!

On the last day we visited The Queen's Private Yacht "Britannia" which is moored at Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh. It was so huge! I've never been on a yacht before and I can't believe how spacious it was, It was really nicely decorated with lots of personal touches from the Royal Family and you can see they had some really fabulous family holidays aboard it, it felt a bit nosey to be honest as its all quite personal but great to see a totally different side to the family. They have such a vast collection of items from all over the world too!

We had coffee and milkshakes on board the top floor, which was very posh and we all felt a bit awkward as it was full of well-to-do having soup lunches and speaking in hushed tones so we didn't stay too long. It was definitely an experience though and the views were really cool, except on one side where you could see right into Debenhams cafe haha!

This snowman was brilliant though-entirely made of chocolate too! The chef on board had made it. The waitress told us they came in one morning and it's hand had fell off so they had to make a new one!

On th way home we called at Durham, its a place we have wanted to visit for ages but just never had an opportunity. It was dusk as we arrived so everything was closing up, the castle and cathedral looked so pretty all lit up and we managed to sit in the cathedral and listen to a Christmas Carol rehearsal which was wonderful.

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