Monday, 10 October 2016

Sheffield Steelers/ weekend!

We had a busy weekend mainly running errands on Saturday with Cordelia in tow. She loves to have us all to herself! It was nothing exciting though just presents for a couple of friends, birthday cards, bits for the house and a milkshake stop for hubby and Cordy. We had a look at new pcs for Cordelia for Christmas, she doesn't want a laptop like Piper.

Saturday night we sat and watched Fifth Element with Piper, Ruben spent most (read all) of the day on Overwatch. He skyped with Sid so was very happy. 

Piper enjoyed the film and thought it was quite funny!

Sunday morning hubby and I got up and walked Loki through the farmers fields, it was a nice start to the day. Then we headed off to Eve's for lunch, dropping Piper and Cordelia off in town for a bit first. Ruben was incredibly well behaved given that Jas is quite a hand full and likes everything her own way. We played Ticket to Ride finally, which was fun but again hard work with Jasmin as she is quite shouty and cheats all the time!

We left in time to go to see the Sheffield Steelers game. Lauren had got us cheap seats at half price but they were actually really good seats!! Ruben and I have never been to a game and hubby hasn't been for over 20 years but we all thought it was fantastic! Its really American like and since we love NFL so much its perfect for us!!

Ruben and I liked watching the man re ice the rink in his gangsta style ride...

Ruben, the fizzy pop golem, with a cup nearly as big as himself...

Lauren and Olivia looking very glamorous and grown up!

The game in play. It was really exciting, our favourite bits were watching players be sent to the "Sin Bin" with "lonely, all on my own" playing as they did. And watching the referee do all the different hand gestures for "hooking" or other fouls. We also liked the "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh its behind you" song they played when Sheffield scored. 

Half time cheerleaders show!

Was a very fun afternoon. Back home to the girls and Bailey who had cooked tea for themselves and were all off doing there own things. Cordelia and Piper had managed to get home by themselves on the tram and walk up the hill, they'd had a great time. They'd been in lush and Piper had bought a face mask that looks and smells like chocolate, its left her skin looking and feeling so soft. Cordelia bought me this lovely bath bar, which is just like dorothy's slipper in the wizard of oz. Even though I hate the bath in this house-I will have to use it because its so cool!

Not much fun being woke at 11.45pm to Cordelia being sick-mainly chocolate by the looks of it so not sure if its a bug or she ate too much chocolate, she's always been a sneaky eater (if future Cordy is reading this; yes you have! Always hiding biscuits and crackers in boxes and even under your pillows!)

Friday, 7 October 2016


Ha! So much for my challenge of writing everyday through October....Although we didn't seem to do anything worth blogging about yesterday. Cordelia came with hubby and I to visit both sets of his grandparents. We popped into the vegan shop to get handmade chocolate fudge-which is mega and I don't even like fudge-some vego bars (DIVINE!!!) chocolate orange spread (tastes just like terry chocolate orange!) And some soya cream to try.

Piper is full of cold so has been taking it easy doing bits of craft and watching Netflix. Ruben spent a lot of the day playing Overwatch with friend S.

We all sat and watched The Apprentice together last night, as entertaining as always and made us laugh.

Today we had an early trip to Nottingham Ikea, Ruben and Piper came with us. Piper wanted to look for some things despite still feeling rubbish and full of cold, she got a huge glass candle for her room that is vegan friendly :)) I made Ruben come out to have a PC break, he's picked out a new desk for his room so hubby will be putting that together soon. We now have 3 of those desks in the house! But Ruben chose blue legs with his so it will look slightly different.

Cordelia baked a cake, trying the recipe from Wednesday again but with vanilla extract and jam and a different buttercream too. All vegan again too!

Bailey had his meningitis vaccine today, heard on the local news that a 9 year old local girl died from the virus a few days okay which is very scary. Relieved he's had it done now, it can be rife in university apparently.

The Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children book arrived today too. I'm not sure who will get to read it first.

Cooking a roast dinner for tea as it's cold and rainy outside and feel like comforting food.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

First up this morning was a trip to the orthodontics for Piper. The dentist seems pleased with her progress and hopefully her fixed brace should be removed in the next couple of months. Her teeth look so different, it will be great to see what they look like soon.

This afternoon we took Cordelia and Ruben to the cinema to see Tim Burton's new film 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' they've been looking forward to it for ages. It's a great film if a bit scary in parts. A year ago I'm not sure Ruben would have liked it, he was at an "everything  scares me" stage but it didn't bother him at all. We loved the costumes!!

We popped to hobbycraft for more paper for Cordelia-she likes to "feel" all the different papers first!! Piper has been blogging, doing math and listing some of her jewellery on Etsy.

After dinner Cordelia made a vegan cake for us to watch tonight's Bake Off with! Looks yum 😀

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lyme Park

Another week, another National Trust property! This time a visit back to Lyme Park in the Peak District. We had a lovely visit here last night and I've been meaning to bring hubby back with us and this time we brought Loki for a run around too. I think our visit here was pre blog so I don't hve any photo's from our last visit.

Today was dry and very blustery especially when we got to the top of the hill where the hunting tower or Cage as its called stands. Fantastic views in all directions from here, right over to Manchester.

Trees just beginning to change, Cordelia brought her camera but forgot to put the battery back in after charging it so I jsut had to use my phone for pictures.

Loki always loves coming out with all of us, having a rest at the top of the hill.

The Peak District is such a beautiful backdrop

We were trying to work out the four different sundials but none of them seemed to show the right time unfortunately!

We walked back down towards Lyme house and waited for hubby to take Loki back to the car-no dogs allowed. It's very impressive facade..

Its a very big house with so many impressive rooms, our favourite was the library. We love this window seat, perfect for snuggling and reading a book. They chatted about favourite books and were pleased to see the Harry Potter books!

The library is huge and the Legh family even own a 500 year old copy of one of the first books to be printed in two colours in Paris. Its a very impressive book and is lasting very well given its age!

We saw this in the butler's quarters and Hubby directed it towards Cordelia, her room was in quite a mess today and she is by far the messiest of all our children. I think that is why she is the artist in the family....

This was another of our favourite rooms, it was SO wonky, hard to see from this angle but the fireplace and frieze which was brought in from another room look like they are collapsing into the floor. Its also haunted in this room! So we all found that very exciting. 

The kids thought this was like a much tinier version of Big Ben, its open in the hallway which was a strange feature but then clocks are quite a big display at Lyme House. There is a room full of carriage clocks all with beautifully engraved backs, which they displayed in front of huge mirrors so the backs could be viewed.

This room was nice but it was the bedspread that caught my eye, it was such bright, beautiful colours that I presumed it must be a new addition. But no, it was actually made by a lady between 1725-1750 and has aged remarkably well!

We could see the lake from the rooms upstairs, one of the guides pointed it out to us as the lake Mr Darcy emerges out of in the film Pride & Prejudice. We watched that film a while back so that was quite exciting! The gardens are really beautiful and very manicured. The sun came out just at the right time for us to enjoy them too.

The facade at the back of the house, complete with statues of Zeus up on the roof!

There was even an Orangery

Centrepiece of the orangery was this lovely water feature.

I loved the symmetry of the house and gardens

A view of Zeus on the roof

The Italian gardens.

The children really enjoyed it here, we even spotted a painting of Queen Victoria-she seems everywhere to us at the moment! Definitely getting our monies worth out of our membership at the moment anyway!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Inktober/October Catch Up

Not sure how we made it into October already but here we are. I thought I would try and write more this month, I feel like I only write when we got out at the moment and feel like I will end up forgetting all the things we are doing in the house too!


Is getting into jewellery making at the moment, she ordered a load of bits and began making necklaces and bracelets which she is listing on her etsy shop. She is helping me with bits and pieces in the business and really wants to take on a more active role. She isn't currently planning on going to college in September as there isn't anything she can find that she thinks she will enjoy. Things could change between now and then but to be honest I'm more than happy with her decision, I'd rather her not do college just for the sake of it and as long as she is happy so are we. She has been working through her maths and English though and also reading a fair bit. She has been baking and cooking a lot more since she has become vegan and we are always discussing new changes to the vegan movement on a daily basis. We shot to our local Sainsbury's this week when we found out they were stocking new vegan cheeses! Piper likes the cheddar style and I like the one with cranberries, she loved being able to have a toastie again. She has been trying to make a removable collar this week on the sewing machine and although the material didn't work out she does now know how to make one for herself. She has decided to only buy second hand clothes as she's not happy with how clothes are produced and after lots of research decided that its very hard to buy clothes that are ethical. I'm really impressed with how seriously she thinks of the environment since becoming vegan.


Continues to draw on a daily/hourly basis! She made enough from her online etsy sales to buy herself a new art tablet which she is loving. She is taking part with Inktober currently, drawing something everyday throughout October-she has even inspired Bailey to join her!-. She is doing lots of cosplay, mainly at night and is counting down to Halloween like its Christmas. She keeps coming downstairs in an evening in super scary face make up without warning and making me jump! She did a creepy clown last night after we had a chat over dinner about the clowns in America that are just standing outside people's houses. We do have some crazy talks over dinner in this house! She is trying lots of new designs for her etsy shop and she also designs for us too, she does really well off her art already!


Is very excited about his upcoming birthday, he is getting a new PC for his birthday so is already counting down the days. Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out the week before his birthday so he has already saved enough for one of the games but decided today that he wants both games! He is so into Pokemon again at the moment, not that he ever really hasn't been. He is loving the Overwatch game at the moment and talks about it a lot. It won't play on his old laptop so he has to play it on our pc downstairs, which means at least I can keep a closer eye on him when he is online. He plays with a small group of friends but does have a few overseas friends currently too. He's also been drawing a bit too and him and Cordelia keep having drawing challenges. He's back into the wiiu again too, he seems to go from WiiU to DS to PC!!! We spent all day on Sunday sorting out his room, painting it, putting up new shelves and posters and I bought him the thickest, heaviest duvet I could find as he gets so cold like me. He struggles even more to get out of bed at the moment! Strange to have my boy who was always up at 6am everyday no matter what staying in bed until 9am everyday, definitely gearing up for being a teenager next month.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Newstead Abbey-The Home of Lord Byron

We are doing really well at getting out and enjoying the beauty of Autumn at the moment, as well as the usual PC time, gaming, reading, cosplay and art that everyone is up to on a daily basis I feel we have a good balance at the moment.

The girls have been out and about meeting up with friends which has been lovely, I do feel for Ruben as all his social interactions are online ones but he seems more than happy with it. It's just me that worries. Its funny as I think now more than any other in our home ed journey we hardly/never see any home ed friends. So many of our friends have gone back to school/college or have just disappeared of the radar and we are so busy with life at the moment I just don't have the energy to chase friends. We have had such a lot going on in our lives of late and as usual its been the six of us pulling together over everything. We are really fortunate in that actually we just enjoying being together and are always doing things that life is never boring or stale. Maybe I am getting old but I just can't be bothered with people that require so much from me when I feel that time is needed for my husband and my children. Being a good friend to others requires a lot of energy and it can often feel like a one way street, at times when things have been tough for us recently I've really seen who has been there for us and who hasn't. I've realised that the life we have chosen is not what everyone agrees with and so its easier for me to focus my energy on the five people who need it and also appreciate it. Everyone is happy as things are so we must be doing something right..

Whilst we were driving around picking a newer car we passed the beautiful Newstead Abbey in Mansfield. We visited here before, also in Autumn! You can see that post here 

As Piper and I are currently really enjoying ITV's Victoria with Jenna Coleman we were thrilled to make the connection with Lord Byron and Queen Victoria's close friend Mr Melbourne. Mr M's wife Lady Caroline Lamb had a very public affair with Lord Byron. We also read a bit more about Lord Byron's daughter Ada Lovelace, one of the first computer programmer's.

We had a lovey walk in the grounds and it all felt very Autumnal, its our favourite time of year.

Breaking the rules!!

We managed to do a bit of Pokemon Go hunting whilst in the gardens too!


Cordelia seems to find cat's at nearly all the property's we visit. Going to have to call her cat whisperer.

Piper and Cordelia hanging out in the gardens, love Piper's pose in this photo!

Ruben looking tall even amongst the trees..

Climbing trees!

The Japanese gardens are our favourite and tie in with a brilliant programme we have been watching on ITV with Joanna Lumely all about her journey through Japan. It's been fascinating programme. Love the colours in this photo. And obviously I'm quite fond of the children in it ;-)

Cordelia might be trying to ignore Ruben in this photo....possibly....

She has always been a poser for photo's!

Love these people more than anything in the world, I do miss Bailey coming with us but he is enjoying his first few weeks of university so much and that has been such a pleasure to watch. He's worked so hard to get there.

There was no one in the playground so we took advantage and had a little play on the swings. You can see Ruben as a blur!

He looks super imposed on to this photo!

And he is in this photo but you might not be able to make him out, he is all the way at the back laying on the steps!