Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Paint a pot!

Yesterday we had a busy day looking after our niece, visiting a play place with her and Piper and doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. Cordelia was feeling pretty rubbish with a cold so stayed home and made paper chains as well as watching Anime on Netflix. Ruben satyed home and he and Bailey played lots of Super Smash on the WiiU. Ruben has already got one of his Amiibo's to level 50 after only two days!

We decided a break was in order today so we headed to Planet Pot to do some pottery painting We visited years ago and the children did some gorgeous Christmas plates for grandparents. We thought we would do something nice for the children's two great-grandma's this year. Two years ago Cordelia made all her nan-nans a beautiful bird in a box, complete with care instructions. They were all really touched by it and so when they both saw the pot birds to paint both chose them!

Piper went for a Robin theme:

And Cordelia more of a peacock-style bird with pastel colours:

They already look lovely but will look different again fired in the kiln.

Ruben wanted to paint a Santa plate for our Christmas biscuits/mince pies:

He was a bit reluctant to a)leave the house and wiiu behind and b)paint! but we managed to talk him round and it turned out he was just thirsty. Think he is finally coming back down from his birthday high and staying up a bit later every night to watch "I'm a Celebrity" is catching up on him. He has always been an early to bed/early to rise boy but the pre-teen hormones are definitely kicking in as he is rarely up before 8am these days. I think he actually enjoyed it once he got into it, he does get a bit overwhelmed by things and having a big sister who is naturally very arty I think makes him (and all of us for that matter!) feel a bit intimidated. It can be hard if its not something that comes naturally to you, but he does enjoy it once he gets going. Piper is the same too, always a bit reluctant but then enjoys it. Piper even painted an extra little gift for her friend, which was lovely. Just hoping its ready in time to post before Christmas as the pottery studio is so busy its going to take a few weeks to get them finished.

This is Ruben's plate when he'd finished, I only helped a little bit and added some gingerbread men because I love them!

Back home for some internet time, Ruben has barely been online since getting the WiiU which has been very strange but lovely to have him downstairs more. He had a lovely surprise in the post when his BFF's sent him a birthday gift of a Nano Block Pokemon Charmander and also a big bag of Malteasers-which he demolished pretty quick.

Meanwhile Cordelia did these two anime sketches from Deathnote and Black Butler:

She's already thinking of new cosplays to do!

We sat and watched the Apprentice which was really good as usual. will have to catch up on I'm a Celebrity tomorrow.