Friday, 27 November 2015

Nottingham Video Game Arcade, Ruben's birthday

Since we had our first visit here in July this year Ruben has been wanting to return with his dad and big brother. We knew Bailey would especially enjoy since he is studying game design at college. As its only open Friday-Sunday we had a trip for Ruben's birthday a bit early, which meant Bailey could come too. It was lovely to have a family day out with all six of us, pretty rare these days, I have to say. I was up early and manged to fit in my Pilates class first-its making such a big difference to my back pain combined with the acupuncture and also I'm feeling so much happier in myself. Wish I'd done it ages ago now.

We managed to get parked in the NCP near the NVA which was good as they have a special deal with them and means the parking cost only £4.50 instead of £18! As it was nearly lunch time when we arrived we headed for lunch, which was Ruben's choice of Macdonalds-possibly the busiest Mcds ever!! But meant that by the time we arrived at the NVA we were all ready to play video games! The staff as usual were really friendly and helpful and it was pretty quiet so we got to play on everything.

First up was the mission control game, which mainly Bailey won us all at!

I lost all five of them in this room for quite a bit too!

Ruben and I showed the girls and Hubby how to play this game which they thought was brilliant. You use household items like a toothbrush to block the projected cars which are controlled by xbox controllers. It's great fun

Ruben has excitedly been awaiting his new WiiU for his birthday, so appreciated another opportunity to practice on this one with Super Mario Maker-a game which he has asked for. We have always been a huge fan of Nintendo consoles in this house.

Quite a lot of things have been moved around in the NVA and Ruben was excited to try this new rodeo bull style game. He lasted 45 seconds which was pretty good! I declined a turn...

The games are much easier to play now and there is a lot more space since the move around, I thought a lot more opportunity to play more games than last time we visited. Piper loved the mario kart cycling!

Cordelia had a go with the snowboard and thought it very funny!

I like this room, it had huge comfy beanbags and a screen that changed and played very chilled out music. Ruben is stood in front of the screen..

They all played lots of games together in all of the rooms, so there was lots of going up and down the big staircase! Piper was hooked on a game called Polybridge, which is now on her Christmas list. You have a budget and have to build a bridge across a river, its really intricate and quite addictive. We all ended up having a go at it. Hubby had a fantastic time reliving all his childhood favourite games including the Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga, he kept disappearing off for ages and found more and more games he used to play! Ruben and I loved the Avengers arcade game and it turns out I'm pretty good at "button-mashing" as Piper calls it and won everyone on that game!

The Minecraft room is now on the top floor and is even bigger than on a previous visit. All four children wanted to play on Minecraft, even though no one really plays it at home anymore. They were the only four playing on it and I got to have a much needed rest on the big comfy sofas. They played for the whole hour and had such a laugh playing Hunger Game's mini games!

Be great to have a computer room this size at home! We stayed until closing and Ruben is already desperate to go back again. We found out whilst we were having a coffee in the Toast bar that Bailey has been accepted for one of the three Universities he has applied for!!!! Great news, we are all so proud of him and it just shows that qualifications aren't everything because he definitely doesn't have all the GCSE's required having been home educated for 7 years. He is waiting to hear back from his other two choices as they require portfolio's but since his UCAS application has only been in for 5 days its a really good start. College have also put his name forward for work experience with a Games Design company, only him and one other student have been approached so again he is thrilled. One day we could be at the NVA playing on a game Bailey has designed :D

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