Saturday, 21 November 2015

Mersey Con 2015

Life has been so busy of late that I have again, gotten behind on my blogging. We've done some great things just in the last week so I'm going to attempt to catch up.

Saturday we had a table with our new business venture at Mersey Con in Liverpool, we woke to snow and high winds unfortunately! Thankfully it was only a dusting and we managed to get there just fine, passing over the M62 (Which is the highest motorway in England) which looked very scenic with its snow covered peaks. I got a few pictures but there not great due to being out of the car window at 70mph!

Cordelia had dressed in her Toy Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's cosplay and made friends within about 10 minutes of being there so we didn't see much of her all day, except for food pit stops! Piper was my very glamorous assistant for the day and our new stall selling handmade things went down really well. She did unfortunately have a panic attack at one point but considering how busy it was I'm so proud of how she dealt with it all. She was such a big help.  

Cordelia as Toy Bonny!

I talked her into the cosplay competition-she's normally too nervous to enter-but so glad she braved up because she came second! She was thrilled. She won a Star Wars Angry Birds Plushy and a big bag of candy floss.

Ruben was a bit bored as he didn't get dressed up but he was helpful on the stall and Hubby and I both took him around to see things, they had a great Lego display on including the Home Alone house and the Titanic.

We had a really fun day but it was pretty tiring, we got home just after 7pm and were all a bit shattered. Cordelia was still on a Cosplay-high!

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