Monday, 2 November 2015

Lego Brick City at the Harley Gallery & Cresswell Crags

We had a lovely morning out at The Harley Gallery in Worksop to see Brick City. 

Although I've been to the garden centre here I've never actually been the gallery before, its a really lovely building. It was quite busy with other families so there must be some children still on half term but the Lego models were brilliant.

Ruben's favourite was the Olympic Park:

I really loved the Trevi Fountain:

They were hard to photograph in their boxes as the light wasn't great.

The girls spotted lots of Paris buildings including the Pompidou centre that we sat outside in June!

Although they argued it wasn't as colourful as the real building itself.

This was the Macy's Parade which was really cool!

Downstairs to see the main attraction...

Lego St Pancras Station

It was huge!

There were lots of other really cool buildings on display but I don't want to put all the photo's up just in case it spoils it for someone else!
Afterwards we had a look around the garden centre, they had lots of Christmas trees out all ready which was quite exciting to see!

Cordelia's impression of Elf in the woods!

Ruben and I had to have a photo with the snowman!

We then headed to Cresswell Crags which is only 5 minutes drive the Wellbeck estate. It was closed today but we managed to park and have a walk around the caves. Ruben wants us to book a cave tour so I'm going to look into that. There has been lots of things found in these caves, flints, bones and even a hippo! There are some drawings in some of the caves too and they are sure people used them for shelter. We've been coming here for quite a few years but never made it on to any of the cave tours so might be time.

Its a lovely walk round and always very quiet. They have been trying to get UNESCO status for quite a few years but still not managed it yet,  which is a real shame.

We found a lovely spot to have our lunch by the water listening to the ducks. Something nice about having lunch outside when it is so cold and holding a hot cup of tea in the outdoors. Reminds me of camping.

Managed to get a photo of three pesky hobbits where they actually look like they are enjoying themselves...rare!

Back home for internet time and Cordelia baked a batch of nut cookies which were delicious.

Hubby, Cordelia and I sat and watched Elf for the first time this year. feeling festive after our trip to the garden centre. Ruben came off line at 9 and we had a great hour of googling some of the buildings we had seen at the Lego exhibit. Its cool that we had seen some of them in person but thank goodness for google Earth! Late night learning is always where Ruben absorbs the most. We had a great talk about the Ancient Wonders of the World and also the new ones. The next exhibit there is in 2017 and is all about the Wonders of the World, hope Ruben is still into Lego then but we'll see...

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