Friday, 20 November 2015

Hormones, nearly-birthdays and home ed life in Novemeber

We've had a mostly home week, mainly due to the fact we will be out at two different comic cons his weekend (so expect some photo heavy posts ahead..) We popped into town on Tuesday for me to buy a new dress and Cordelia to buy contacts for her costume...I know she is supposed to be 16 but I'm not going into battle over it. Pick your battles with daughters...really... Piper had an opticians appointment as she has been having lots of headaches which we suspect is eye strain..another sore point-too much iphone time! She needs a stronger prescription so we will pick them up next week whilst Cordelia and Ruben are having their eye tests done, they couldn't fit everyone in on the same day. Probably for the best as it used to take over two hours when all four children were in for tests.

Its been a week of lots of hormones, I always find November a tricky month with Ruben, he gets so excited about this birthday on the 30th and then there is the build up to Christmas that it all gets a bit much. Add on to that the obvious hormones that he is dealing with and its all a bit of a roller coaster ride. If he had been born on his due date his birthday would have been yesterday!

The girls have been getting along brilliantly this week though, they have spent so much time together and even now I can here them laughing in Piper's room. The downsides of them getting along so well is that it does make Ruben feel a bit lonely, well that and the sheer about of noise they make when together-deafening. Ruben is hardly seeing any of his real life friends now, which doesn't actually bother him anymore since he has several friends on skype who he plays with daily now. I do get a bit fed up with all the fallouts and drama caused by online games I have to admit and Skype is starting to feel like a dirty word in this house for me. I know it has so many benefits but I feel like 75% of my year has been sorting out Skype arguments/fallouts/misunderstandings and its quite infuriating.

I'd very much like to unplug everyone from the internet some days and miss the home ed days of playing board games and curling up on the sofa to watch a documentary together. Still I always try and enjoy the next stage we are at, we have been watching "I'm a celebrity" with Ruben as he is a big fan of Ant and Dec. We only watched it because there was a rumor that Karl Pilkington was going to be in there and Ruben has been very much enjoying his series on Sky One. I can see Ruben being like Karl when he grows up-he can be quite a grump! I haven't watched I'm a celebrity for years but have to admit to finding it quite funny this year and Ruben thinks its very funny. I have booked us a little break for Piper's birthday and we are very much looking forward to that as life is incredibly busy at the moment with this being our busiest season for business. Being self-employed at this time of year is incredibly pressured and busy but seem to just be managing..

I finally gave in on Monday and booked an acupuncture appointment for my back, it has been really taking its toll on me for the last few months and I'm in constant pain. Whilst it hasn't taken away all the pain, it has left me feeling lighter and much happier. Today I went to my first pilates class, which should really help in the long run but its brought all the pain back right now, unfortunately.

Home Education wise, in between all the hormones- we have been back on IXL, Cordelia has been building her cosplay for Sunday. It is a pretty big costume build and she is very excited (read loud, very loud!) Piper has been reading books on haunted houses in Britain, drawing and planning her lolita outfit for the weekend.Ruben finished all the Zelda books he bought in London and has re-read them all again too! :) He has finally finished his hama bead picture which worked much better after buying new peg boards. He created a pixel art background for them to go on too. 

Cordelia has again earnt herself money through drawing commissions and has also produced this beautiful Arwen picture which we are hoping will be signed by Liv Tyler on Sunday as she is a special guest.

Cordelia finally got the haircut she has been after for ages and I gave in, after years of persuading, and she now has black hair too! Piper is currently a very pretty shade of pinks and lilacs. The girls couldn't be any further away in their preference for colours really, they are very individual. Even Ruben is asking for dyed hair now *sigh* but I'm not giving into that one just yet...

By the end of the month we will have a 12, 13 and 14 year old as well as a 17 year old. Which is a bit scary. Only one more year and we will have four teenagers, gulp. That sounds more scary.

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