Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hello November!

We have had a quiet Sunday, everyone a little tired from last night. The children have finished off all their Halloween sweets, although to be fair I think most of them were eaten last night.

The girls popped out with us earlier to the DIY shop and we had a little mooch around the car boot but didn't see anything worth buying. The weather has been really lovely today, blue skies, sunshine and beautiful Autumn colours. We have a quiet-ish week so planning on some nice walks and a few trips out, no one felt like a walk today :(

Home day for the boys with Ruben playing Team Fortress 2 and watching lots of Youtube. A day out planned for us tomorrow and Bailey back at college.

Starting to give some thought to Christmas or at least December. I'd really like to make some decorations and have a think about advent calendars. Ruben and I were even discussing Elf on the Shelf but since no one believes in Father Christmas this year it might be a bit too late. Its hard to think of things to do that will excite teenagers but I'm not defeated yet!

Hubby, Ruben and I caught up on Doctor Who from last night, which we really enjoyed. I'm sure Ruben and I spotted a few filming locations in there from other episodes and we had to google to see if Truth and Consequences was a real place-it is! Ruben said "You learn something new everyday mom!".

How did it get to November already? Ruben is on a birthday countdown now and is so excited, he turned the calendar over today to find this month's photographs are all of him. He has decided what he wants to do for his birthday but not what cake he wants yet. I am missing planning birthday parties, can't believe his Minecraft birthday party will have been two years ago!

We have packed all the Halloween decorations away for next year so the living room looks a little bare again without all the paper chains. The pumpkins are going brown all ready so they will probably be in the bin tomorrow sadly. Only a month before we can put the Christmas decorations up, we didn't get chance to do it last year with our Vow Renewal and we were away for Christmas too. It will be strange being home for Christmas this year.

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