Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Foggy Wednesday

Two home days in a row since our day out to the Lego exhibit, but that's cool as we have four days in a row out coming up so its been good to get caught up on laundry, housework and for free a lot of writing. I've even managed to do yoga twice this week so far, hoping it's going to help my back pain but so far its just making it a lot worse :'(

Ruben is back into making hama beads, he is doing a Nintendo theme for a frame we bought from Ikea. He made Toon Link yesterday which ironed really well but not before we had tears over the peg board. Some of the pegs have been ironed flat so just when he reached a certain point he had to empty it all back into the tub. Going to pick some more up from Hobbycraft tomorrow. 

He's started on another one today but then gone off to play Team Fortress 2 with friends. 

Cordelia has been feeling a bit rubbish this week so curled herself up in the armchair and read this graphic novel again, it was from the library and both girls say it is a really good although sad. It's called "Lighter Than My Shadow" by Kate Green and is about a girl dealing with abuse, depression and an eating disorder, I'm going to have a read of it myself later. The illustrations are beautiful, both the girls have said so. 

Cordelia has been drawing:

Love the scarf on this picture!

And Piper too:

IXL has made a comeback in the house too and there's also been cosplay making, advent calendar making (Hubby is working on a really cool idea for the kids!) and some sewing. 
I've kept with the baking theme and baked a huge box of shortbread biscuits to watch with the Apprentice tonight, although several have already been eaten.

The weather has been properly miserable with lots of fog, we were planning on a fire in the garden tomorrow night but its going to rain, bit of a rubbish Bonfire Night. Was thinking of taking the girls and Ruben to Revolution House here as its where three of the men who were plotting to overthrow James the 2nd during the Gunpowder plot met up, but its closed until December sadly.

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