Sunday, 15 November 2015

Camden Market, The British Museum, Covent Garden, Leicester Square & Piccadilly Circus!

Last weekend we had a very early start to head into London for the day, I was surprised to find we had not visited since March this year! We wanted to visit Camden Market which is somewhere none of us, even hubby and he's been to London quite a few times more than us in his previous job!-have been to. We knew the girls would particularly enjoy it, they both love clothes and anime.

We managed to get there and parked before 10am, hubby drove us down in just under 3 hours and we managed to get free parking again! We parked between Camden and the area near the British Museum so we wouldn't have as far to walk. Or at least this is always the idea and then we get to London and always walk way longer than we plan. There is just so much to see and it is always such a fascinating place! Bailey even came with us for the day which was lovely.

We thought Camden was really cool, although it was so busy! We knew it would be but not as much as it was. So many foriegn tourists speaking French, Spanish and I overheard several American and Australian accents. It was too busy for Bailey and he really didn't like the crowds. We did see some cool shops though and Cordelia's friend had told us to visit Cyberdog. We managed to find it thanks to Google maps but it was a bit of a bonkers place to be honest, it was like going into a rave. Something which I have never done by the way, since my late teens were spent being a mum and not going out to clubs! I definitely couldn't work in that shop, I would have daily migraines and I bet the music never leaves you it is so loud! I sound really old I know... the outside was cool though and it was definitely an experience....

Cordelia was excited to find a shop selling lots of Attack on Titan merch, she bought herself a t-shirt and then Piper found an Alpacasso shop! She bought herself a small one and then we later found another one selling the huge ones! They are quite cute.

The horse tunnels were really different and we even spotted a stall of an artist who was across from us at Sheffield Comic Con, he was a really nice guy and I'm glad to see he is doing well with his new business venture.

We managed to grab some lunch on the go and headed towards the British Museum. We spent a lot of time in the Egypt area and talked to Ruben about the Rosetta stone and the mummies. Piper used to be completely fascinated by ancient Egypt and her and Ruben had a really sweet moment sat in front of some hieroglyphics whilst she explained it to him. She told him how she learnt to draw her own name in hieroglyphics too.

We had a coffee outside and sat and watched the world go by for a while. Then we headed down to Forbidden Planet, which is always high on our list of shops to visit! Ruben bought three Zelda anime books and the girls and Bailey saw lots of things but didn't buy anything. Then we headed to Covent Garden, unfortunately we missed the Christmas lights going on by a few days which was a shame!We did see the big tree all set up and I got a photo of it but its not the same without the lights on. We popped into Tokyo Toys for more Anime-lots of things going on Christmas lists here :)

Then we headed to Leicester Square and sat and had tea, which was a picnic from Tesco. Even though it was dark and after 5pm it was still really busy with lots of people. There was a guy blowing huge bubbles in Piccadilly circus and the girls and Ruben thought he was brilliant. We headed back to the car and I drove home in just under 3 hours. We must have done quite a few miles because on Monday I felt like I'd been walking on my ankle bones the previous day!

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