Thursday, 26 November 2015

Bring Me The Horizon

Finally took Cordelia to see her first live gig, her and Piper have loved Bring Me The Horizon for such a long time and we had a total nightmare getting the tickets a few months ago. Pier doesn't enjoy live music however, she gets quite anxious in big crowds so I took Cordelia. Thankfully, they weren't playing too far from us. We bought our tops from their Sheffield store all ready to be total fan girls!

I felt a bit old stood in the queue with all these young, cool kids but I actually loved it. I'm so glad that her first gig was to such a cool band, its my genre of music too. Hubby and I always said the children will have such diverse music tastes because we have too and they have always been surrounded by lots of different music genres. I love that the band are from the same city as us too! Sheffield is a bit of a hot spot for cool bands..


One of Cordelia's favourite songs, the lyrics on the back of her shirt.

I took a few photos but mainly I just enjoyed listening to the live music. The support bands were really good too. We stood quite close to the back as neither of us was up for moshing haha. 


Cordelia thought it was so cool that she had met the Lead Singer Oli back in August at the comic and had his signature and also his wife's. These two photo's have pride of place in each of the girl's bedrooms!

We didn't get home until midnight as we had some sneaky fries from the Macdonalds drive through. Cordelia thought it was so exciting going for a drive-through at 11.30 at night. We had such a fun night and I'll always remember it. 

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