Sunday, 22 November 2015

Birmingham MCM Comic Con November 2015

Another day another Comic Con! This time in Birmingham, Hubby took Cordelia and the boys to this con back in March whilst Piper and I were with my mother in law at a different exhibit in the NEC. They had such a great day and really wanted to go again. It was huge, by the far the biggest one we have ever been too, and Hubby said even bigger than when he went in March which just shows how much more popular comic cons are getting here in the UK. We are way behind the U.S. and don't attract nearly as many celebrities as the American cons. 

Cordelia has been working on her Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger cosplay for months, hubby has helped her out with the 3dmg gear (the silver boxes!) which will mean nothing to those of you who haven't watched Attack on Titan. She looked amazing, I'm so proud of her, she's so determined when she starts a project and likes it to be as close to the real thing as possible. She got SO many compliments it was like walking around with a celebrity! She was even featured in Monday night's Birmingham Mail! Along with several other cosplays the link is here! if you want to read it.

Piper finally got an opportunity to wear her beautiful Angelic Pretty (Lolita brand!) skirt and got lots of admiration on her whole outfit, she looked beautiful. We took Cordelia's friend with us too and he and Ruben had a great time chatting Pokemon!

We even caught a glimpse of Liv Tyler! The queue to see her was huge and unfortunately Cordelia didn't get round to finishing the picture of her she was doing. As it was going to cost £45 to have it signed we really wanted something more personal than just a photo so we decided to leave it. She is stunningly beautiful in real-life, with the most gorgeous hair. 

We spotted a slenderman!

Piper was beyond excited to find Gloomy Bear on one of the Japanese stalls. I had never heard of him but Piper was thrilled. He was a bit pricey but apparently worth every penny, Cordelia and I got a sneaky picture with him whilst Piper was in the toilets.

Here's Piper in full Lolita with Gloomy Bear, looking very grown up :)

The girls were so excited to see so many Japanese stalls and Cordelia came home with Eren and Levi (AOT) plushies. Ruben found a huge Pokemon stall selling just the Pokemon he has been looking for for ages-Flygon! He was thrilled.

It was a bit of an expensive day-big comic cons always are! But we had such a great time and met some lovely people, the costumes as always were amazing, here are a few pictures:

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