Sunday, 25 October 2015

Woods, gingerbread zombies, Pokemon art, photography, and catching up!

I put the photo's on this post on Monday night and can't believe I am only just getting around to writing it up now. All these photo's were just from Monday, we had a really fab homeed Monday this week and we've had a really lovely week.

There's been some really fun moments with all 6 of us this week, which I want to just remember because its easy to lose the little things when things can be stressful and with lots of things going off it can be very stressful! We had a quick, impromptu dance party in our utility room this week with all 6 of us dancing to nothing! It sounds a bit bonkers but that's just how we are sometimes, it was very funny and there has been lots of little moments like that this week-real bottle up moments. We are such a close little family and even though they are all growing up so quickly they are maturing into such funny characters, I know it won't always be like this but I hope we are always this close. They really are the best people I could ever meet.

Right that's enough of my Sunday mushy talk!

Monday was a really fab home ed day, Ruben and I were up early and with Hubby busy working in the room we took over the kitchen for more paper mache, its coming on really well! Then we made a batch of rather yummy gingerbread men.

We iced them into zombies which went a bit wonky when the icing bag exploded on me, Ruben just improvised with that gingerbread man though and filled him with strawberry lace blood bits!

We pretty much finished before the girls had even surfaced out of bed.

Hubby, Ruben and I had watched Sky's Karl Pilkington in An Idiot Abroad a few nights before and there were two US artists who went around New York decorating dog poo. It was funny but pretty gross to be honest but it did give us an idea of doing some photography in the woods.

We have some really beautiful woodland spots around where we live and didn't have to go far to find a lovely spot. The girls wandered a little ahead, both getting some good photo's (I haven't managed to get them uploaded to this laptop yet but will try!) just using nature and its beautiful array of colours and a passing Scottie dog!

Ruben decided to bring props in the form of Pokemon figures and had great fun getting photos of them in different positions...

This was my art work ;)

Tuesday we had a trip to Ikea in Leeds with our niece, it was a lot of fun with a toddler in tow and we spent ages in the playground outside. We only bough some glasses, a new computer chair for Ruben and a gingerbread house ready for December! We popped into Toys R Us and we were in their for ages, Ruben played on the WiiU-he is getting one for his birthday and is very excited. The girls were being really silly taking photos of each other on tiny toys and bikes and I had the fun of running around the store after a toddler pushing a pram.

Wednesday we had friends visit which was lovely, Ruben and M played on the XBOX, the Girls and A watched Attack on Titan and hung out upstairs. I got to have a great business/geeky chat with my friend who also has her own craft business.

Thursday we were supposed to go on a trip but Ruben woke up with barely any voice so we decided to postpone until after half term. So we had a home day instead.

Friday, hubby and I had an early appointment, then we popped with the girls to see great-grandparents. Rushed back for Cordelia to go to the dentist. All four of them had an appointment last week but Cordelia wasn't well enough so she had her check up rearranged. All teeth in great condition as per usual, dental hygiene is so important at this age and we have been visiting the same dentists since before Piper, Cordelia and Ruben were born! We are really missing our last dentist though, he was also a home educator and moved to Australia exactly a year ago, the children have only ever known him so they are taking a while to readjust to the new dentist, but she is lovely. Hubby took Cordelia in whilst I took Piper to the supermarket, when they came to meet us hubby told me the dentist was giggling when he went in with Cordelia. She was looking at Cordelia's record and asked Hubby if some writing was his? In 2005 in Cordelia's occupation he had put "little biscuit muncher"... he can't remember doing it but it is his writing and she was only 3 at the time. Had me giggling but Cordelia is a bit mortified!

Ruben and Bailey have been playing Pokemon together all week, Ruben is loving having his big brother playing 3DS with him so much. They are still working on their PC game together and also have been playing on Bailey's XBOX One together too this week. 

Yesterday we went to Meadowhall to drop the girls off to meet friends and we took Ruben out for lunch, we had lots of talks about YouTube and Ruben's new obsession Terraria. He's been playing it lots with his friends this week and hardly played Minecraft at all which is a big change. He managed to get the download codes for the free Pokemon character from Game for himself and Bailey. We also had a look at WiiU games.

Piper wasn't feeling too well so she ended up coming home a bit early with us, Cordelia wanted to stay with friends and so for the very first time got the tram home all by herself. I picked her up from the tram stop and was really nervous but she text me lots and was so mature about it all. She is growing up so much, she had such a lovely time and was so pleased with herself getting home alone. Its really good for her confidence. Last night I ordered the girls and Ruben travel cards to prove their ages as once they are over 11 they need to prove their age to be able to get cheaper fares on the bus and tram. It will be much easier for them once they arrive and I think we will try and let them use public transport now they are off meeting with friends, not Ruben just yet but I thought I might as well get it ordered at the same time.

Today we were all up and out by 10pm, was funny seeing how early Cordelia got up because of the extra hour, all those years of being up at 4/5am with small children who don't understand the extra hour in bed finally rewarded ha! Bailey wanted to go and spend some of his wages on new clothes and a new Xbox One controller so we headed to a designer outlet not too far away. We all ended up coming back with new pieces of clothing! It was so busy and I've realised that I won't be doing any more shopping at a weekend now as the Christmas rush has definitely kicked in and its just to crazy for us. I came home and did a bit of online Christmas shopping, this time last year I had nearly everything bought and wrapped but barely started this year. Although aside from WiiU games no one has actually asked for much, and toy sales are really not worth me bothering with now no one actually wants toys any more!!!

We had a lazy chicken roast for tea, an early night for Ruben who is shattered. And that is our week in brief! October adding up to be a very busy month so far and hardly any time for blogging!

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