Friday, 30 October 2015

Sheffield Winter Gardens

It felt very autumnal this morning with rain, wind and leaves falling everywhere. Cordelia was meeting up with a friend in Sheffield so we all decided to have a trip into town.

It was actually really mild out and once the rain stopped I even had to put my sunglasses on! We had a wander round the shops with Piper adding things to her Christmas list and Ruben looking at Nintendo games. 

We headed to the Winter Gardens to look around the galleries and saw the Sheffield Hallam University students had several displays on including this colossal model of E-Coli:

And a really cool orgami protein sculpture:

Piper and Ruben had fun being super sarcastic in the Ruskin gallery:

And didn't enjoy the new exhibit the Cattelain Collection. It's from the 1960's and 70's and was all about minimal and conceptual art. Both of them voiced their disappointment loudly and in front of the staff *sigh*. Still they did throughly enjoy the light tunnel part, especially when we stood inside it and they got all silly, they do get a bit bonkers when it's just the two of them since they have a similar sense of humour. So at least they got something out of it and art can't please everyone!

We spent ages in Waterstones looking at Manga, history, ghost story, humour and gaming books. Piper spent pocket money on new clothes in the sale :) we met back up with Cordelia and then headed to the supermarket for trick or treat supplies and food.

Back home for some more pumpkin carving, hubby helped Ruben finish his Splatoon squid:

And I carved this teeny tiny Spanish fruit into a Jack o lantern, I really love the classic pumpkin designs!

Everyone super excited for tomorrow :D Cordelia baked some chocolate cupcakes ready to decorate for Halloween.

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