Thursday, 29 October 2015


We had a lovely day visiting family yesterday, I took the girls and Ruben to see my aunt and uncle, they have children the same age so they had a great day. Ruben and Jess played on the laptops and Minecraft on the Xbox, they had some really cool Greek skins including a snake which Ruben loved! Jess was due after Ruben's due date but is 12 days older than him, their both the youngest of 4 with an older brother and two older sisters in common too. The girls talked Youtubers and music amongst lots of other things with Morgan who is the same age as Piper. 

Lots of flooding across town yesterday but we managed to get home not too late and hubby had made us all tea and cleaned the house whilst we were out!

Today I had to be at the physio's for 8am, dropped a cake off at my friends and had a doctors appointment all before lunch. When I got home Cordelia and Ruben were making a start on their pumpkins. I read there was a bad crop of pumpkins this year and it's certainly been true of the ones we have bought. I had to pick up two more whilst I was out today because two of the four we bought had gone completely rotten inside! Last year we grew our own pumpkin which was really cool, I think we'll do it again next year.

Cordelia attempted the Attck on Titan wings but it went wrong so she improvised and did a creepypasta style face-I think he looks like Jeff the Killer, very spooky...or spoopy as the girls keep saying!

Ruben wanted to do a Zelda Tri-Force symbol, like the one currently drawn on his hand by Cordelia in eyeliner!, but went for a Nintendo Splatoon squid instead. Hubby helped in gauge out the shape and then Ruben finished it, it's not quite done yet.

Piper doesn't want to do a pumpkin this year :( or Bailey :(

Piper has been drawing, sewing a new bow in pastel blue and hubby has tried to get the lovely turquoise out of her hair today. She wants a completely different colour but the turquoise is proving totally stubborn even though it's only a semi-permanent colour. She's a bit fed up its taking so long but hopefully we made a bit of progress with it today. 

Everyone is excited for Halloween and we have friends coming over and a trip to see a Firework show to look forward too. 

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